12 February 2021

Dealing With Grief & How to Honour Your Loved Ones

This Valentine’s day can be challenging for a lot of people sadly, especially when you have lost a loved ones. Celebrating these events without your partner can understandably ruin the whole meaning of the day for you. Often people struggling will find triggers in things such as Movies and Music. Because of things like this, the main two ways people often deal with grief is avoidance and denial. However keeping the memory of your loved one alive is a much more healthier way of dealing with your pain. Here are some approaches that might give you a little aspiration this holiday season:


Regift items to a new home
It might seem complicated to part with the belongings of your lost loved ones. However, the holidays offer you the chance to give away things. If your loved one had always desired to give the ancient treasures to good homes, then why not celebrate them in this manner as well.

Include the favourite meal of your lost loved ones
Have you ever shared a love for food with your loved ones? Of course, you must have. So why not think about their favourite meal and go on to cook it in their memory. Perhaps they had a favourite restaurant? Why not share this experience with your friends and family. Try to embrace the things which made them happy, rather than avoiding them.

Alter the tradition
If it feels too painful for you to continue with a valentine’s day tradition, do not be afraid to change it. It would help if you still tried to do something for yourself but consider changing things such as the location or event. Perhaps you always went to the movies with your significant other? Why not opt for the theatre or a nice walk? That way, you are still giving yourself time to stop and celebrate their life without causing yourself unnecessary pain.

Make a memorial candle
One of the most confronting ways to remember the lost loved ones is creating the memorial candle. A candle is an excellent way to honour your loved ones at any time of the year. Purchase a pillar candle and select a scent that your loved ones ever liked. Then write a special message on paper and put it around the candle. Add love hearts, beads, and various embellishments to make it unique. Burn the candle every time you feel yourself missing them.

Give a gift in their honour
Is it difficult for you to eliminate your loved ones from your shopping? You don't have to. Just remind the things that your loved ones liked and keep shopping for them. At first, seeing the items might be a sad remembrance for you, but then think that you will gift it to someone you love. Wrap it up according to their taste, then donate it to someone. You will feel much better after doing so.

Display the old photos
Select a location and display the photos in an accessible area. When you tell the stories associated with each picture with your friends and family, it will help bring the memory of your loved one alive. If all the photos are digital, consider converting them into an album. In this way, everyone would appreciate your efforts.

Whether you are missing or looking for unique ideas for honouring your loved ones, these simple ways will help you manage your grief. Follow these tips and celebrate your holiday season!
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  1. I lost both my Grandad's to cancer and having an album to look through of photo's of them really helped me cope with my grief, this is a great post x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk


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