08 November 2013

Project Pan- Skincare

Hello my lovelies,
Lately I have noticed that after I have been on a little shopping spree I end up coming home with quite a few beauty products which I feel are great at the time, and then I never get much use out of. I really hate throwing away perfectly good products, so instead of wasting them I am going to start project pan. If you're unsure of what that is basically you select a handful of products you don't use and you must finish them before purchasing any more similar products. So I'm going to share with you the products I would like to use up, hopefully by the end December.

'Scrub of Your Life' and 'Pore Penetrating Mask'

The first product I am hoping to use up is a body scrub from Soap & Glory. Obviously, this is just a miniature sized version of the product but I would still like to use it up as I received it in a set which I got for my birthday and for some reason this product just has not appealed to me as much as the other ones. The second product I have chosen is a face mask from Avon. This mask is designed to prevent blemishes. I have used this product quite a few times and it does fulfil its purpose, I just don't use it as often as I should which is why I have virtually a full tube of it left.

'Mango Body Scrub' and 'Advanced Hydration Day Cream'

 Another product I would like to use up is a body scrub from The Body Shop. The main reason I purchased this was because of how wonderful it smells, and as someone who isn't a fan of body scrubs I thought this product would be something I could try to ease me into loving them. I also want to use up a day cream which is specifically designed to provide your skin with moisture. This cream is by No.7. I am hoping to be finished this by the end of November as I would say I only have about a quarter of the tub left.

Cream Oil and Silk Glow Moisturising Creams

The last two products I have chosen are both moisturisers from Dove. They claim to do different things, but after using them I didn't really see any difference to be honest. They are great moisturisers however and leave your skin feeling super soft.

Which products would you be using up if you took part in project pan?

Much Love

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