08 February 2021

10 of the Best European City Breaks for Couples

I'm actually very thankful to live in the UK at times because we have so many amazing countries and cities in Europe right on our doorstep! It's just so handy to book a long weekend away for a special occasion. And with so many amazing destinations to choose from, there is always a city that everyone will fall in love with! With Valentine's coming up, I thought I'd share with you 10 of the best European city breaks for couples. Although this Valentine's it looks like we'll be spending it at home, there's no harm in booking a romantic night away at a later date! Here are 10 of The Best European City Breaks for Couples:

Gondola on the canals of Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

I'm going to be honest, I actually struggled to pick only one Italian destination - there are so many beautiful, romantic cities in Italy! I think the most popular choice for couples however would have to be Venice. I mean what could be more romantic that seeing the city whilst sharing a Gondola ride with your loved one. Day or night, this magical place is truly breathtaking with scenic views, brightly coloured streets, and plenty of yummy treats on every corner!

Barcelona, Spain 

Somewhere I plan on booking again for a long weekend away is Barcelona. I travelled there in 2017, and of course wrote a blog post all about my Barcelona Trip if you want to check that out. I completely fell in love with the city and the culture! There's actually soooo much to do in Barcelona it would be hard to list everything. But some highlights include Chocolate Museums, Dance Classes, Hot Air Ballon Rides, Erotic Museums, Wine Tasting, and Barcelona Zoo, Camp Nou Tours.. the list goes on! Or you can of course take things slow and explore the historic sights and monuments such as La Sagrada Familia and The Magic Fountain.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is probably top of my 'must go' travel list currently, simply because of the number of positive experiences and reviews I hear from everyone. The city truly has it all from gothic castles, to vineyards. Just like a lot of other european cities you'll find activities such as river cruises and horse and cart rides. Personally, I'd love to just spend a day wandering through the cobbled streets, enjoying some tasty delicacy and exploring this beautiful city.

The streets of Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has been on my bucket list for sometime now! Austria's capital has some of the most gorgeous Architecture you'll find in Europe. In Vienna, there are plenty of museums to stroll around if you fancy learning more about the history of the city and grab some lunch along the way in the various cafes and restaurants dotted around the city. Or for a more chilled out day, you can visit the Palace Gardens which has it's very own zoo!

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland may not be somewhere you think of when planning your romantic break, but there's actually so many fantastic things you and your partner can enjoy in Reykjavik. The obvious choice is to watch the Northern Lights - if you're lucky enough to catch them! But there are also some other options from Food & Beer Tours to visiting Gulfoss waterfall. However, my top pick for a romantic date would be to enjoy a long soak in the Blue Lagoon and treat your skin to some mud treatments!

London, UK

I have to admit, London usually wouldn't be my first choice for a weekend away. However, the beautiful capital does have a lot to offer! For a fun day bursting with activities you can book a spa day, catch a show at the west end, or gaze at the views from the London Eye. If you prefer a more relaxed approach then you could always take a romantic walk through Kew Gardens, enjoy some afternoon tea, and end your day with a glass of champagne at The Shard and watch the sun set. Turns out London city breaks don't sound like such a bad idea after all!

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is arguably the most popular city to visit in Belgium. Full of historic buildings and cobbled streets, it's perfect for taking a romantic stroll through the city and exploring with your partner. There's also plenty of cute cafe's and tea rooms to stop off at for lunch. One of the most popular activities to do whilst you're there, is to explore Bruges via Canal Boat which only costs around €8! If you're looking for a bit more of a romantic option, there's also a Horse and Cart ride available at a higher price of €50.

White roofs and buildings from Santorini in Greece

Santorini, Greece

Okay so technically I'm cheating with this one as Santorini is island but hear me out! We've all seen the picturesque postcards of the towns of Fira and Oia at night so you don't need me to explain how beautiful the island of Santorini is. I created a whole post on my Santorini Trip in 2019, so you can head over to that post for a more in depth look at what the island has to offer. Although my trip was a brief one, it's not hard to see why Santorini is one of the most romantic places on earth. From candle lit dinners, to island tours, there's so much to see and do. It's certainly full of amazing activities for couples to enjoy together such as quad biking, and swimming in the hot springs of the volcano!

Paris, France

Of course I was going to include Paris in the guide wasn't I? (Don't worry, there's some less cliche options later on!) I've technically been to Paris three times, however all three were on family holidays to Disneyland - Disneyland could be romantic, right? Paris is commonly referred to as the 'City of Love' and for a good reason! The culture, the food, and the general atmosphere of the city just screams romance. The obvious things to do are visiting the number of Museums and Art Galleries, and of course the Eiffel Tower - particularly at night! Other options include taking a stroll through Parc des Buttes Chaumont for an incredible view of the city. 

Valletta, Malta

Finally, why not visit Valletta which is the tiny capital of Malta. For such a small city, Valletta actually has a lot to offer for tourists. You can enjoy activities such as city cruises and sunset dinners. The Barrakka Gardens is a great shout for couples looking to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy some stunning scenic views. And if you or your partner is a Game of Thrones fan, there a plenty of tours that will take you to see some of the filming locations from Season 1!

Which destination would you most like to visit?

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