24 May 2017

My Barcelona Photo Diary

In case you were wondering where I've been this past week due to the lack of posts, I've been in Spain! Surprisingly, I've never been to mainland Spain before, so I was very excited, particularly to visit Barcelona! Barcelona has always been somewhere I've been eager to visit. It's a city that doesn't quite feel like a city. With it being on the coast, not only do you have beautiful buildings, shops and cafe's, but you are also surrounded by lots of trees, beaches and the port. It can get a little busy, but what can you expect from such a touristy destination. It's also a lot larger than I ever imagined, so you may need to stretch this trip over a few days if you want to see everything.

Now let's talk about some of my favourite spots in Barcelona:

Las Ramblas
La Rambla, is a lively street that cuts through the centre of the city filled with market stalls, cafes, shops and some wacky street performers. The street is lined with some gorgeous trees, making for a great photo opportunity. At the end of the street, you'll find Columbus Monument, and the Military Government of Barcelona!

Port Of Barcelona
First thing's first, not only it this a port, but it also has shopping mall, cinema, a nightlife complex, and an aquarium! I seriously couldn't believe this when I visited! Of course, it also has a harbour and fishing spots for more of a traditional feel to the port. You can also get a cable car, which travels across the port for a great birds eye view!

Barcelona Gothic Cathedral
 The final spot on this list, is the Gothic Cathedral. The cathedral and surrounding areas, house some amazing Gothic and Roman architecture. Directly outside the cathedral is a large square, which makes for a great place to eat lunch, have a coffee, and pop into some of the little shops.

I didn't have time on this trip to do everything I wanted to do/visit. But I will definitely be visiting again in the future so I'm hoping to visit a lot more and add to this list!

Have you ever visited Barcelona? 

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