28 May 2017

New In: Elegant Touch Express Nails

Elegant Touch is actually one of those brands I've used for a while now for false nails. I don't wear them on the daily, but if I'm going on holiday, or for a special occasion, I do prefer to apply these rather than paint my nails. Their latest release is the new Express Nails, which claim to give you a perfect manicure in just 3 minutes!

Unlike most false nails. these sets do not require any glue! Instead, you peel back a small tab to reveal a pre glued nail. Each set also contains a set of instructions, a prep wipe and nail file. One of my favourite things about Elegant Touch nails are the variety in nail sizes. With 24 nails and 10 different sizes, you don't need to worry about the nails not fitting your natural nails.

I got my hands on 4 of their new sets for the summer:

Deep Navy Polish - The polish nails are your traditional block colour nails, making them great for everyday use. The Deep Navy nails are actually my favourite of the bunch. I think on a summer evening maybe on holiday, these would look so glassy and gorgeous!

Iridescent Lilac Polish - For me, this colour just screams summer. The lilac nails have a stunning almost holographic shine to them, making them so eye catching in the sunny weather!

Neon Roses Trend - The Trend nails, are as you may have guessed, a more trendy option. With bold colours, and cute designs, these are the perfect nails to make a statement. I love the contrast between the white nail, and the neon rose print with this set!

Pink Foil Trend - And finally, the pink foil nails! Again, these are just as loud and bold as the previous. With more of a muted pink, and paint splatter design, these are such a fun choice!

Normally I'm not a fan of pre-glued nails as I don't find them to last very long. However I am impressed with these ones. They still don't last as long as regular false nails, but I can see myself reaching for these if I want a quick manicure when I'm in a rush for an event or occasion. 


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