02 February 2020

A Weekend Stay at Novotel Liverpool

Last year I spent a lot of time exploring more of what the UK has to offer, and I fully intend to continue to do so in 2020! The city that has always had my heart since my first visit is Liverpool. Saying that, it has been a good 2 or 3 years since I last visited, so I was very excited to head there for a relaxing weekend! Normally when I''m travelling it's for work or prior commitments, but this particular weekend I had nothing planned so I fully intended to relax, explore and enjoy my time in Liverpool. And with that we set off, and checked into Novotel Liverpool Centre for our weekend away.

Location / The Hotel

Set in the heart of the city Novotel Liverpool is ideal for exploring what the beautiful city has to offer. You'll find the Liverpool One Shopping Centre, Albert Dock and Liverpool Echo Arena all in close proximity. You can also find Liverpool Lime Street Station just 1.6km away so this can also be a great option for anyone working away on business and looking for somewhere close by to stay.

Inside this stylish 4-star hotel you'll find a fitness centre alongside an indoor pool - perfect for a relaxing swim! And as for your evening meals, you can enjoy some delicious food at the Ropewalks Bar & Kitchen which you can find more info on below. 

Our Room

When we arrived to out delight we had been upgraded to the Executive Room which we were blown away by! Upon first entering the room the first thing we were greeted by was this cute little open seated area which were located outside of the bathroom. And where is the bathroom you may ask? Behind these stunning double doors! And you can find your toilet in a whole separate room. Honestly, the bathroom was definitley the highlight of this entire room. Equipped with both a luxurious bath AND shower you're spoilt for choice. My first thought was actually how perfect that would be for a romantic getaway! The bathroom is also fully stocked with toiletries, robes and slippers so don't panic if you forget to pack something! 

Moving on from the bathroom, you also have a mounted television opposite the huge double bed! My favourite thing about the whole room was actually the stunning window that spread and curved across the entirety of the far wall. I'm all about open, bright airy spaces so for me this was perfect. Not to mention it gave you the best view of the streets of Liverpool! Next to the window you can find your own little desk which I was so surprised to find. Normally when I travel I like to used this time to catch up on some work when I can, which normally involves writing up posts, or answering emails in the car! For me this was totally ideal as combined with the free WiFi, this desk allowed me to squeeze in some work before dinner.

Ropewalks Bar & Kitchen

After I had caught up on some work we headed down to the Ropewalks Bar & Kitchen for our dinner. The decor was right up my street! I much prefer a warm, cost environment to something more formal. The Ropewalks Bar & Kitchen had the perfect balance of both! The Staff were super friendly and lovely to the both of us and made us feel very welcomed. 

Now if you know me at al you know I absolutely love Duck so when I saw they had these Duck Spring Rolls on the menu I knew I had to have them for my starter. And I can confirm they were delicious. I'd even go as far to say the best I've had - so crispy, full of flavour and just generally mouth watering! My boyfriend opted for the loaded potato skins which were also very yummy!

For our mains I decided I was in the mood for a good cheesy pizza just went for the classic Margherita, and boy was it cheesy! I was actually pretty full up from the duck rolls so struggled to finish the entire pizza. Thankfully one of the lovely members of staff offered to box it up for us to enjoy in our room later on if we got a bit peckish - and that is exactly what we did! My boyfriend had his heart set of the Mixed Grill which consisted of Rump Steak, Sausage, Gammon and Lamb accompanied with Salad, Onion Rings and Fries! 

Overall we had a fantastic stay at Novotel Liverpool. Everything from our room, to the dip in the pool, to our evening meal was outstanding. The location was ideal for us both too as we had fun exploring what Liverpool has to offer for the weekend and I can definitley see us wanting to stay here again!

Have you visited Novotel Liverpool before?

  Gifted stay and meals provided by Novotel Liverpool. All words and opinions are my own.

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