30 January 2020

Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money Around Your Home

January is the time for new resolutions and goals, and one of mine for 2020 was to not only make more money, but to save more money. Which I think is something probably a lot of us would like to do this year. Saving money can sometimes sound scary and often you'll hear a big list of drastic changes you need to make in order to do so, which sometimes isn't always possible. Well thankfully, I've found five ways to save money that are quick and easy, and something everybody can do no matter what your income is.

1. Switch Broadband Providers

If you switch broadband providers you could save yourself a hefty sum of money per month. It literally couldn't be easier these days to switch with the likes of comparison sites which will show all your options and most importantly the best deals that suit you. Figuring out what broadband speed you actually need versus what you're actually paying for can make a huge difference! Take into consideration how many people live in your home, and how often they use the internet and what for. Also, you'll more than likely find that you can save money by taking advantage of certain bundles offered by companies e.g broadband, tv, phone rental etc. You might even find that you can get the exact same as what your current provider is offering you cheaper elsewhere, which is the beauty of comparison sites! If you are looking to make the switch to a new provider, you may even be offered a discount, or contract deal as a new customer so could find yourself paying even less for the first few months. It's always worth looking into!

2. Make a Budget Planner

For me, budgeting your income is an essential. Either make a budget planner, or download one from the internet to print off and fill in. Having your income categorised, and laid out in front of you is a great way to see where exactly every penny you're making is going to, and how you can minimise spending. I like to work out my outgoing costs - so anything that can't be avoided such as utility bills, rent etc. Then set a strict budget for anything else such as food, social events, entertainment etc. For a lot of us, we get into the habit of spending without actually knowing where our money has gone to. So, I think having the figures in front of you really motivates you to try and cut down on things where you can.

3. Meal Plan

Meal planning is something that has become super important to me. I was definitley guilty of just going to the supermarket, and recklessly picking things up off shelves without actually thinking what am I going to use this for. I also found myself ordering in food and eating out a lot more than I wanted to, and I think it simply came down to I wasn't planning out my meals for the week. Making a list and having a clean cut idea of what you're going to eat this week, what items you need and how you can utilise every bit of food that comes into your house is a great way to save money, and reduce waste.

4. Declutter and Sell

Another thing I've been doing a lot of for the past year or so is decluttering and reselling. I used to think people only listed things on eBay that were rare, vintage or mega valuable. Turns out I was wrong. If you have items that are in good condition, the chances are someone out there will buy it. I've been decluttering my wardrobes and found items that hadn't even be worn still with the tags in tact, and have made hundreds of pounds by selling them. So it's worth snoopping through your wardrobe, cupboards and loft and seeing what you may have lying around that you could sell on.

5. Sign Up for Loyalty Cards

And finally, probably the easiest thing you could do is sign up for loyalty cards. Now granted, this probably isn't going to save your hundreds upon hundreds of pounds. But if you regularly shop at certain stores, you'l definitley find you could save some money without even having to do anything! Most stores have loyalty cards these days, from supermarkets, to starbucks, to gas stations. And if you find that you often spend your money here, it's work signing up for. These cards usually give you discounts off your next purchase, and even free items for being a regular customer.

Which of the above do you find most effective?

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