06 October 2017

Top 5 Things to Do in the Algarve, Portugal

I'm back! I haven't posted on my blog in the past week or so as I've been in Portugal. It was my first time visiting the country, and it exceeded all expectations! The Algarve was stunning. Seriously, there are so many hidden gems and amazing things to do, it was a jam packed trip.

So here are my top 5 things to do in the Algarve: 
1. Boat Trips
Sticking with the Dolphin theme, you can also take a boat trip to look for some Dolphins in the wild. Or, if that's not your thing there are several other trips to pick from. You can take a cruise down the coast, visit the sea caves, or enjoy a barbeque on a catamaran cruise.

2. Stop off in the Nearby Towns
One of my favourite things to do is visit the nearest Towns and Villages for a bite to eat and some shopping or to learn about the town's culture and history. Lagos, Faro, Albufeira and Vilamoura are just a few examples of the places you can visit, each having different things to offer.

3. Zoomarine
If you're an animal lover, the Algarve is the place for you. There's various wildlife establishments such as Lagos Zoo, but my personal fave was Zoomarine. Not only is it an Aquapark, which makes for a great way to entertain the kids, or just soak up the sun, it is also a Marine Park. But what truly makes this place, is the animal shows. Throughout the day you can go watch the bird shows, Sealion shows and even a Dolphin show. Honestly, the Dolphin show alone is worth the trip. The show focuses more on the Dolphins intelligence, wellbeing and caring nature rather than just 'here are some dolphins that do tricks'. And if you like, you can even swim with them!

4. Visit the Beaches
The Algarve have some of the most stunning beaches I've ever seen, some of which are untouched so depending on what time of year you go, won't be packed full of tourists and children. You can find smaller coves and little fishing beaches, to bigger stretches of golden sand and sea. Some of the smaller beaches are tucked away and can be more difficult to get to, but honestly that's all part of the fun.

5. Serra de Monchique
The Monchique mountain range is in the western area of the Algarve. Here you'll find the highest point of the Algarve, making for some fantastic views. If you take a day trip up here, you'll wind through forest and smaller villages before enjoying the tranquility and views the mountains have to offer. You can even enjoy a meal and glass of champagne whilst watching the sunset.

Have you ever visited the Algarve? What would be your favourite activity?

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  1. I was supposed to go to Portugal a while ago but I decided against it. I've literally been beating myself up about it and this post makes me want to go so much! Seriously bookmarking this if I ever make it there!


  2. I have never been to Portugal let alone The Algarve. Looks and sounds so amazing! I have heard the beaches are beautiful and them being features in your post proves it right! You're making me want to go back on holiday! xx corinne

  3. Your photos are so stunning, and Portugal looks beautiful. I've never been anywhere near that side of the world, but it does look like a wonderful place to visit and just absorb all of that beauty. I'd love to see dolphins one day. They are such magical creatures, and I'd love to meet one!

    Ashlynn | The Crimson Cardigan

  4. Wow, Portugal looks amazing! I am obsessed with that sunset photo at the end! Would definitely like to visit the mountain range to experience a view like that! So pretty! :-)

  5. This looks amazing! My auntie has just come back from Portugal and loved it so i have even more of an excuse to go now! Your photography is stunning


  6. I've never visited Portugal but I really want to even more so now that I've seen this post! The photos you captured are amazing and there are so many great things to do there!
    -Olivia Xx


  7. Wow, I've never been to Portugal but it looks stunning! I love the white buildings, your photos are gorgeous!

  8. This all looks stunning and I really want to visit Portugal now! Great photos

  9. Wow Portugal looks stunning! Loved this posts, some fab tips for new visitors xx

  10. Your photos are utterly stunning. These are absolutely beautiful & I don't know exactly what town you've pictured but it almost doesn't look real!


  11. These photos are amazing! You managed to capture the place so well! I visited Portugal when I was younger, I'd love to go back and explore it in more depth though! xx

  12. I've never been to Portugal but wow these pictures make it look incredible, I need to visit sometime xx

  13. Oh my god your images are incredible! Loved this post. Portugal is somewhere I've always wanted to visit, so you've definitely made me want to go even more now! xx

  14. I was supposed to be going in 2018 with friends but isn't going to happen. This looks stunning - maybe one day ill go x

  15. Portugal looks beautiful! I'd love to go there someday x

  16. Wow this looks absolutely stunning and I think my bestfriend visited here in summer if I remember rightly. Sounds like you had an amazing time!!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com xx

  17. your photos are so pretty really makes me want to be getting some sun right now haha! I've always wanted to go to Portugal it always sounds amazing

  18. The view, beaches and the mountain high point look incredible, Portugal looks like a beautiful place to visit. It's definitely a place I'd love to go, your photos on here and Instagram are giving me all the wanderlust! Xx

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  19. I've always wanted to go to Portugal - it looks incredible! I wouldn't be able to face going to the dolphin show though as I don't agree with them being in captivity x


  20. I've been wanting to go to Portugal for the longest time now.
    This trip looks amazing and I'll definitely add some of these to my lists when I eventually get round to going!

    Rachel // www.thebeautyisbeast.com

  21. I visited Portugal for the first time this summer and I absolutely adored it, I really want to go back! Serra de Monchique looks absolutely beautiful, having a glass of bubbly in hand whilst admiring the beautiful sunset sounds like paradise!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  22. I’ve never been to the Algarve but I can’t believe how beautiful it is! The water looks so clean and blue and the beaches look idyllic! I love the idea of exploring local towns as well as taking a boat trip! Xx

  23. What beautiful photos! The zoomarine sounds right up my street

    Tasha x

  24. This is so crazy that you went here because I went here in May for a hen do/for my birthday. It was absolutely stunning , such a beautiful place! I loved being there, it is such a happy place to be. The beach was stunning!!!! I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. x

    Sophia xo https://sophiaaaxo.com

  25. Your photos are lovely, id love to visit here

  26. Your pictures are stunning! I've never been to Portugal but this makes me want to!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca

  27. Your post is little bit of sunshine on a very autumnal day. It looks like you had an amazing time!

    Michelle x

  28. I've just got back from the Algarve myself! I love Portugal, the weather is always fab and the food is great! x



  29. I've never visited Portugal but it looks amazing, definitely need to visit!

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

  30. I've never been to Portugal but have always wanted to visit Lisbon. Algarve is now on my list too! x

  31. I’ve never been to Portugal but would love to visit! Even more so now xxxxxx


  32. I went to Portugal earlier this year and absolutely LOVED my experience there. We did the boat trips and visited local towns and really enjoyed ourselves. You've included some great things in your top 5 things to do xxxx

  33. Omg your imagery is beautiful! I have wanted to go to Algarve for the longest time, your post has just convinced me even more


  34. I absolutely love the Algarve! I went there for a summer holiday last year with my boyfriend and it was so beautiful and everyone is so nice there! Definitely want to go back. Your photos are beautiful!

    Ellie x


  35. It looks so beautiful here, I’d love to visit! Your pictures are absolutely amazing too x


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