24 September 2017

How to Create an Effective Media Kit & Why Every Blogger Should Have One

One thing I had no idea about when I started blogging was Media Kits. I heard lots of bloggers talking about them, but no clue what they were or if I needed one. It turns out Media Kits are very important, especially if you want to take your blog down a more professional route. 

A Media Kit is essentially your blog's CV. You can pass on your kit to any brands and PR's for potential collab opportunities, so you need to sell yourself. From your kit, a PR should have enough info to determine whether to proceed with working with you or not. 

In my opinion, it's a no brainer to have a Media Kit. If you want to take your blog further and work with big brands, a Media Kit is a great way to stand out from your 'competition'. I really enjoyed reading Chloe's post 'The PR's Guide To Media Packs..' and found it extremely helpful, so I'd highly recommend checking her post out for a PR's perspective on working with bloggers who have Media Kits, compared to those without.

So, we've talked about what a Media Kit is and why you need one, but what do you include in one?
Here's what I like to include in mine:

You/Your blog
- A brief introduction of you and your blog
- Topics covered
- You could also mention any awards you've won, or publications you have been featured in
- Social Media Links

Blog Stats/Demographics
- Monthly Pageviews
- Unique Users per month
- Sessions
- Average number of comments per post
- Domain Authority ( You can find yours here: https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ Note, DA only applies to self hosted blogs, i.e blogs without 'blogspot.com)
- Social Media Stats (Number of followers per platform, average amount of likes and comments)
- Combined Social Media Following
- Reader demographics (Gender, Age..)

- A list of brands you've worked with
- Contact details for collabs
- Showcase your photography

Media Kits are a lot easier to make than you think. I use Canva, which is free and easy to go back and edit your document. One thing I will say is you do need to update your Media Kit monthly so all your stats are relevant and up to date. Therefore make sure you make your document easy to save and tweak at a later date. You don't want to have to start from scratch every month. It's up to you how your Media Kit looks, you can have it on one page, or multiple pages. I prefer to have mine spread across a few so it doesn't look as crammed and messy. 

And that's it! Media Kits aren't as scary as they look. But they are an essential in my eyes. You would't apply for a job without a CV, would you? 

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