20 September 2017

Becoming More Organised with Kate Spade Stationery

I know for a fact I'm not the only one who gets far too excited over cute stationery. I often have to refrain from buying ridiculous amounts of notebooks etc simply because I don't use them all. That being said, I do need a good notebook or two. Especially for blogging. Having stationery or a workspace that you love makes me more productive and organised. One brand that I'm always drawn to is Kate Spade. I actually only own one thing from Kate Spade which is a watch so after month's of lusting over all the cute designs and colours, I finally settled on a few stationery items!

As I said previously, I need a notebook which is specifically for blogging. I want somewhere where I can physically plan out and schedule posts or to do lists, and not have them be muddled up with other day to day lists.  I opted for a larger size notebook for more formal and final plans, as I tend to jot down messy lists and ideas on a smaller notepad that I throw in my bag. I also picked up some memo pads to go alongside the notebook. I love how simplistic and cute the design of these are, not to mention the fact there is various different sizes. The smaller ones are gonna be perfect for folders and keeping things organised!

To go alongside the whole gold theme, I searched for some matching pens and found these beauties. I'm not gonna lie, they're almost too pretty to use.  I actually got all these items from Rooi, which is a luxury homeware site that carries lots of designer brands, Kate Spade being one of them.

Now obviously Kate Spade stationery is pretty pricey so the team over at Rooi have kindly provided me with a discount code so you can save a few pennies.  You can use the code 'TERRITALKS' for 20% off! You can find all the above linked below.

Kate Spade Pen Set
Kate Spade Scatter Dot Notebook
Kate Spade Sticky Note Set

Which is your favourite product from the above? What are your stationery must haves?

* This post is in collaboration with Rooi. All opinions and words are 100% my own.
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