17 September 2017

Striped Jeans & Feeling Nostalgic

I'm someone who struggles with Autumn/Winter fashion. Don't get me wrong, I have far too many black items of clothing, but I'm just not a fan of darker colours on me. I much prefer the blush pinks and the nudes in comparison to the burgundy's and dark greens. So my idea of 'autumn fashion' is basically adding something red to your outfit, which is pretty much what I've done for today's post..

I'm not entirely sure if this top is available now as I'm pretty sure it was an ASOS exclusive, but I just thought it looked super cute paired with these jeans. I love the peplum detailing and the fact I was born in 1995 makes it all the better too. But the star of the show is definitely these jeans.  At first I thought I would look a bit of an idiot walking around with two big stripes on my jeans, but they actually go with a lot more than you would think! I'd be quick if you're planning on getting these though as they've been going out of stock very quickly!

Fitting with the red and white theme, I thought there would be no better shoe to add than my trusty old converse. I've actually got the white in both the high top and the dainty versions and I can confirm both look great with this outfit! I don't know what it is about this outfit, but the old school stripes, and the converse all scream 90's to me. I feel like this is something I would have been dressed in as a child!

What are your favourite pieces to style up for Autumn?

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