05 February 2020

An Affordable Valentine's Gift Guide

I feel like it's only been two minutes since I was talking about Christmas, and yet here we are now talking about Valentine's Day! I know some people don't like Valentine's Day, but personally I think it's a great excuse to treat your loved one to something. And remember there are no rules - you don't have to celebrate with a partner, treat your best girl friend, or your sister, whoever means something to you. Social Media sometimes makes you feel like you have to go above and beyond, spending waaay too much money on numerous gifts and experiences. Personally, it's the smaller more thoughtful gifts that I've always loved. We tend to avoid larger more expensive gifts, and instead make little hampers, or gift bags full of smaller items that mean just as much! Here are some of my favourite gift ideas for 2020:

The Fuzzy Duck Pink Gin Luxury Bathing Treats

We all know how much I love Baylis & Harding - you can 100% can count on them when it comes to gifts, no matter who or what the occasion. And for Valentine's Day, the Fuzzy Duck Pink Gin Fizz collection is the way to go! The first thing from the collection that I think is super cute is the Fuzzy Duck Pink Gin Bathing Treats Trio. In this little set you'll find a Shower Creme, Body Wash and Body Lotion - all in the delicious Pink Gin Fizz scent! At under £10 this set is great value for money, and perfect for travelling if you're planning a little Valentine's weekend away!

The Fuzzy Duck Pink Gin Bubble Bath & Hand Wash

If you step foot into my house, you'll soon release I am OBSESSED with Baylis & Harding Hand Washes (seriously, at one point we had a stock pile going). Well their Pink Gin Fizz Hand Wash is no exception and is the latest edition to my collection. It's everything you'd want from a hand wash, it's clean, feminine scent will leave your hands smelling and feeling fresh all day long! Something else that I think would be a perfect Valentine's Gift from their Pink Gin Fizz collection is the Fuzzy Duck Indulgent Bubble Bath. First thing's first, I am obsessed with how cute this packaging is as it's designed to look like a fancy bottle of fizz! I really don't think you can go wrong with bubble bath as a gift, and there seems no better time than Valentine's! Imagine coming home to a warm bubble bath, with candles, rose petals and glass of fizz - perfect!

Personalised M&M's

Yes, you read that title correctly - personalised M&M's! I honestly had no clue that these was even a thing. The closest I've come to having personalised M&M's is picking out various different colours from their store in Leicester Square! But yes, if you log onto their website, you can totally customise your very own little gift package. You can choose any colours, and any initials, symbols or words you like. As you can see I went with my boyfriends initials, as well as some little cupids and hearts. And after you've made your choices, you'll get to choose one of their gorgeous gift boxes for your M&M's to be delivered in. Now this is a more pricier option out of the things on this list, but honesty I don't mind paying more for personalised items as they're unique and usually one of a kind items. So if you do want to splurge a little, why not order some M&M's for your love one!

Baileys Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Hearts

Sticking with the chocolate theme (because let's be honest, you can never have too much chocolate), the new Baileys Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Hearts are the ideal Valentine's gift! As a big Baileys fan these are definitley up my street! I had never actually tried the Strawberries & Cream flavour before so was soooo excited to give these a taste test. And let me tell you, they definitley passed! The little red hearts make these chocolates even more perfect for celebrating. I can totally imagine setting up a nice meal with some candles, and laying these out across the table - soooo romantic! And the best part? Can you believe these are only £4 a box.

LUSH Valentine's Collection Bath Bombs

And finally we have the well loved LUSH Valentine's Collection. Now you've probably already know all about this range (unless you've been living under a rock), however there's no way I could make a Valentine's gift guide without shouting this range out. As a sucker for LUSH's bath bombs, my personal favourites are the Peachy Bath Bomb, and the Aubergine Bath Bomb. But don't worry there's plenty of other products to try out such as soaps, shower gels and Valentine's gift sets!

What are your Valentine's plans for this year?

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