14 May 2017

My Travel Beauty Essentials

As you're reading this I'm currently in Salou for the week, which sadly means there will be no post on Wednesday, but if you want to follow me on my travels I'll be posting lots of snaps over on Instagram, you can follow me here. Keeping with the theme of travel, I thought it would be fun to do an old school 'What's in my makeup bag' styled post. I'm not going to include all the boring stuff in this post like toothpaste, deodorant etc.. Just skincare and makeup!

When I'm travelling I like to go back to basics with skincare. At home I use a variety of different products in my routine, but who can be bothered with all that effort on holiday really? For a moisturiser I like to use the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturiser, because as the name suggests, it's simple! It's packed with vitamins and nutrients, and great for sensitive skin. For eyes I just take my usual Avon Infinite Lift Eye Cream, as it's in a tiny pot so is great to travel with. This product is split into two sections; a gel to tighten your lids, and a cream to moisturise the under eye area. Finally, I can't be without my Garnier Micellar Water for two reasons; it's a great cleansers, and also removes your makeup!

As this is an 'essentials' post, I'm not going to list all the makeup products I'm taking, just the things I class as a must-have. The first being lip balm. There's nothing too much to say about lip balm is there, other than I'm currently using the Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm. Next up is my foundation, and it's no surprise it's going to be Urban Decay's Naked Foundation for me. Why is it perfect for travelling? It's super light, hence the name 'naked', but has amazing coverage! Another great product is the Sleek Faceform Contour Kit, which contains a contour powder, a blush, and highlight.. Need I say more? You're seriously saving some room with this little trio! For brows I can't live without Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow, and I've also been loving the NYX Butterglosses for lips, as there's no way I can wear a matte lip all day on holiday. Finally the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is a must on holiday. No one wants their makeup melting off their face...


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