10 May 2017

5 DIY Projects I Want To Try

One of my guilty pleasure's is definitely DIY projects. I could spend forever browsing Pinterest, admiring countless DIY boards. The problem is, I spend a lot of time looking at them, and not a lot of doing. So this year, I'm going to make it my mini goal to attempt some of these DIY projects. So here are just a few of my faves to begin with! 

1. Holographic Plant Pots - I've seen lots of DIY plant pot projects, but I've never seen Holographic ones! These are super easy to create and would add a great pop of colour to an office or any other room!

2. Embroided Loafers - It's not often I love fashion DIY's to be honest. Sometimes I think there a little to out there for me to pull off, or I a little too tricky for beginners. But when I saw these on Studio DIY I fell in love! Think of all the countless designs you could create!

3. Birthday Cake Soap - Another one from Studio DIY (seriously, go and check them out).. How adorable are these soaps?! I love DIY soap designs, they always look so amazing that you wouldn't want to use them!

4. Wallpaper Shelves - I've always loved weird and wacky shelving so it's no surprise that these caught my eye. These would make such a lovely addition to your home!

5.  Beyonce Glasses - How could you not love these?! They're so perfect for cocktails. Of course you don't have to have Beyonce lyrics. Either way, these are such a fun and easy DIY for any party!

And those were my 5 DIY projects to try! I may do a follow up post on my attempt at these if that's something you'd like to see.

Which project is your favourite from my list?

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