14 December 2013

Nivea Lip Butter

Hello my lovelies,
So last week I received an email from the lovely Sophie, saying that I had won her giveaway, yaaay! The Prize was a Nivea Lip Butter in the flavour Raspberry Rose. I had never actually heard anything about Nivea's lip butters prior to Sophie's post, but after reading how much she loved it I couldn't wait to give it a try!

As most of us do, the first thing I did when I received the product was give it a sniff. Oh my god. It's like heaven in a tin. I'm not normally a fan of berry scents as sometimes they can be a little too sweet for my liking, but this is just great! I would describe it as Raspberry obviously, but it reminds me of Fruitella sweets! Yummy!

With this being a lip butter rather than a balm, it has a thicker consistency almost like a cream. I've never tried a lip butter but I hands down prefer this to lip balms as it does not slide of the lips after about 2 minutes. It gradually sinks into your lips leaving them feeling moisturised and smooth.

This lip butter is available not only in the original flavour, but also Caramel Cream and Vanilla and Macadamia. I'm not such a fan of vanilla scented things, but I think on my next shopping trip I may pick up the Caramel flavour as I am thoroughly impressed with this product!

Much Love

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