27 January 2014

What's in my bag? January 2014

Hello my lovelies,
So sometime last week I purchased this lovely salmon pink Satchel in the sales and I thought now would be a great time to do an update 'What's in my bag?'. Obviously this bag is a lot smaller than the Primark one I was carrying around last year so I don't have as much stuff in it. Anyways, let's get started..

Salmon Satchel, Peacocks
Okay so we'll get the boring stuff out the way first; Purse, iPhone, notebook and pen. I've actually had this purse quite a while so maybe its time for a new one, either way it's still cute and in good condition so no complaints from me. My phone is the same as before, except I have a different case. Last time I had the one with the three cute cats on, remember? Well this time it gets better. If there's one thing you should know about me, is that I am the teeniest tiniest bit obsessed with Leonardo DiCaprio, but can you blame me? I also carry around a cute little Disney notebook and pen in case I ever have to jot something down, or for lists etc.
Purse- Asda
iPhone Case- CaseApp*
Notebook- Asda
 The next three things I have are a bit more exciting, maybes? Everyone needs tissues in this weather, but who wants plain boring tissues? Not me! So I opted for these cute little owl designed ones. This weather also is a pain in terms of your hands being constantly dry. So Soap & Glory's handfood is an essential! And the final winter care product I can't leave without is the Nivea Lip Butter which I won in a giveaway a while back.

Tissues- Tesco
Hand Food- Boots
Nivea Lip Butter*
 The final four items are beauty related items so yay! One item I always carry round with me is the lipstick I would be wearing that day. Today I was wearing Revlon's Colourburst in Plum. A good concealer is something I always carry around in case any face demons appear. At the minute I've been using Collections Cover Up Stick. The last makeup product in my bag is Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl. I use this just to touch up my face if my skin is looking rather dull and just needs a pick me up. The final item in my bag is my silver perfume diffuser. this was past down to me through generations and is very handy in comparison to carrying around a big bottle of perfume. At the minute, it is currently filled with Marc Jacobs Honey.
Revlon Colourburst- Amazon
Collection Concealer- Boots
Girl Meets Pearl- Boots
Perfume Diffuser- Vintage

And that is all that I am hoarding in my bag for the minute! What essentials do you carry around with you?


Much Love
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