04 February 2014

Make A Difference

Hello my lovelies,
Sometime in the past couple of weeks or so, I came across a website called 'choosemad'. The website sells all kinds of jewellery from necklaces, to anklets. Sounds just like an average jewellery boutique right? Wrong. The thing that intrigued me about M.A.D was the concept behind their site.
When purchasing 100% of the profit made from your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice. Not only that, but a lot of the pieces available are made from recycled materials!
Swallow Pendant- M.A.D
This beautiful Swallow Pendant is just of the pieces from their range of necklaces. It's a very versatile piece which can be a simple everyday necklace, or a piece which can complete an evening look.
The quality of the jewellery is amazing. This necklace is so dainty, feminine and finely detailed. It is obvious a lot of work has went into the creation of it.
At just £22, it's very reasonably priced for how much work and effort has went into it.

Which Charities are you passionate about?
Make a Difference- http://www.choosemad.com/
Much Love
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