19 February 2014

Triangl Swimwear

Hello my lovelies,
If you're from the UK you're probably reading the title and laughing because English Weather does not require bikinis.. However, next year me and Connor from Belts & Beats are looking to go away somewhere nice and hot! So I thought I'd share with you this gorgeous Malibu Blue bikini I've got my hands on from Triangl.

Bikini- Triangl*
Triangl have the most gorgeous selection of both underwear and swimwear. I opted for the Malibu Blue bikini as I feel the pastel shades don't really compliment my skin tone. The bikini comes in a lovely little beach rucksack which matches your bikini. The set is 100% Neoprene, which I was a bit like woah what is that.. But inside the little rucksack was also a card explaining how to care for your bikini such as washing etc.
It's nice to jazz up your swimwear collection now and then, but I say every girl needs a simple statement bikini, and this is definitely the one for me. In fact I think I may have to try out there underwear range too..

What's your favourite style of bikini?

Much Love
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