14 May 2014

Wantable Subscription Box

In the blogging community there are subscription boxes flying here, there and everywhere. I've never really fancied signing up to one as a lot that are on the market are all very similar to one another and include the same brands. Not only that but a lot of them don't take into account your personal preferences.
Wantable.com is a monthly subscription box which caters for everyone. First of you can either chose a makeup, accessories or intimates box. Once you've chosen, you fill out a quick survey which will ask your preferences. For example, for makeup- Which lip shades do you like? I opted for the makeup box!
Wantable Box*
You will receive four items in your box which match up with the options you selected in the survey. The four items I received were;

- Eddie Funkhouser Bronze & Sculpt Powder
Starting with my favourite product from the box.. This compact contains 5 shades both matte and shimmer tones to contour and highlight. The shades match perfectly with my skin and blend easily. I love the two highlights at either end of the compact in particular, they're great for adding a healthy glow to your skin!

- 3 Shimmer Creme
This product is a nude highlighter. The formula is creamy and soft so it blends very easily into your skin. The neutral tone of the product means it will be great across a wide range of skin tones!

- FACE Stockholm Brow Shadow
Next is a brow shadow in the shade 'Suede'. This powder was a perfect match for my hair colour so I was very impressed.

- LAQA& Co Lip Pencil
This lip pencil is great for natural looks as it has a very creamy formula so is somewhere in between a lipstick and lip butter. The pencil gives your lips that minty tingling sensation giving a fuller lip. The shade is in 'Wolfman' which is a gorgeous pale pink.

If bought individually the total of all these products would be $77.49.. Wantable only charge $36 a month for a box! That;s a lot of savings! Overall I'd definitley say gie Wantable a try! It's a great way of finding out about new brands and testing out products you might not have necessarily gave a glance otherwise.



  1. That bronzing powder looks amazing! The box does too, so cheap for what you're getting!

  2. I haven't jumped on the box bandwagon yet but this one looks amazing! Very cool!

    <3 Shannon

  3. I've never tried a subscription box, but this looks like fun!



  4. That's a really cool idea - wish we had something similar in the UK! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. The lip pencil looks cute! I'd want to try the accessories one. ;)

    Tara x


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