04 October 2014

September Beauty Favourites

Kabuki Brush- Mica Cosmetics
Brow Bar- Whitening Lightning*
Blush -Essence
Lipstick- Sleek
Nail Polish- Barry M
Perfume- Cacharel
Hair Oil- Old Wives Tail*
I haven't done a favourites post for a while now so I thought I'd take a break from the fashion side of things and bring monthly favourites back.
Starting with the makeup side of things, the first thing I have been loving is a blush in the shade 'babydoll' from essence. Essence makeup only recently made its debut in the UK so I'm in the process of trying out the brand. The blush isn't harsh and is a very pink/mauve tone.To apply the blush I've been using this MICA kabuki brush as the two together make a nice little pair in your makeup bag. Moving onto brows, my staple for the past couple of months has definitely been the Brow Bar to Go which consists of a lighter and darker brow shade alongside a brow wax. This compact is perfect for travelling as it has a mirror and a brush to apply the powder. Finally in terms of makeup I've been into my darker shades ready for the colder months and my favourite is definitely been this Sleek lipstick in the shade 'Exxxagerate'.It took me a long time to find the perfect purple shade but I think I've found it now!
For nails I've been loving Barry M's Foil effect polish in Gold. I've just found that it goes with a lot of outfits as gold accessories match perfectly with it. Moving on to fragrance, this through September I've really been into Amor Amor which has a very fruity/citrus smell with earthy undertones, great for Autumn!
My Final favourite is this Hair Oil from oldwivestail.com which is designed to stop hair loss. I don't necessarily have hair loss issues but I thought this would help with breakages, and I was right! Made from all natural ingredients this oil will not be harsh on your scalp but will soothe it instead. I use it once a week and definitely see an improvement in the strength of my hair!

What have you been loving throughout September?
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