15 December 2014

Gold Plated Boots

Boots- Chocker Shoes*
I'm not sure whether to classify this as an OOTD posts as I dont have many photos so I guess it's just a quick outfit post, nothing too special, just an excuse to show off my new boots! Sadly I didnt get many decent photos due to the weather, but I'll definitely feature them in some future posts!
Every one has that staple pair of ankle boots for the winter that go with anything and everything. I'm not one of these people, none of my boots were versatile enough, they either looked too dressy or too casual, but I think I've found a pair with just the right mix of the two. They're patent black which I think is really cute in the winter because it reminds me of wellies! They also feature that gold plated heel that we've been seeing a lot this season.
Like I said I just threw on these boots with this outfit, nothing too put together and it really does become the staple piece of the outfit!

What ankle boots do you always reach for in the Winter?
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