27 January 2015

Beat those Blemishes

Unfortunately at this moment in time I'm going through one of those moments where my face is met with various demons invading my skin. My skin tends to break out when I'm going through a stressful time or if I forget to remove my makeup.
Knowing the cause of your blemishes and spots is the first step in treating them and determining how to prevent them in the future.
As I previously mentioned, my skin is being a pain right now so these are the three products I've been reaching for to battle those demons.

The first being my Witch Stick. This product is more suited for targeting certain areas of your face and doing the job fast, which is good for those who just get the odd spots here and there. Witch sticks are great for oily skin types as just a few dabs of it will break down excess oils and dirt and dries up the blemish, reducing the appearance dramatically. 
As a follow up product, I use the Clearasil Ultra Overnight Lotion. I'm not even sure where you can get your hands on this product any more since Clearasil re-branded the line. Nevertheless it does the job. I apply a small amount to the areas that need treated and let it dry. The lotion dries to the constituency of a peel off mask which you would then rinse off in the morning. This again dries out the blemish and reduces the redness.This product is great for removing blackheads as it acts like a pore strip when removing.
Finally, if those two just aren't cutting it for you, the chances are your problem is caused by something like hormones or acne in which case these quick fixes aren't going to do much overnight. A face mask like Avons Pore Penetrating Mask will be a great benefit if used regularly. It won't necessarily banish you of spots, but it will remove any nasty chemicals burying into your pores. By deep cleansing your face with this mask once or twice a week, you're sort of lightening the blow by reducing the amount and/or size of spots by eliminating factors that contribute such as sweat, bacteria and excess oils clogging up your pores.

Yikes that was a long post..
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