26 February 2015

Houndstooth Nails

Nail Wraps - Wilkos            Base/Top Coat - Barry M
In the beauty blogger world you'll find hundreds of nail tutorials showing various 'simple' designs. What that translates as is 'I'm going to make it look simple, but it'll look like trash when you do it.' We've all been there and failed miserably. 
Personally I just find using nail wraps a lot easier. Unfortunately they can be a little pricey for how long they last. When I saw this bargain in Wilkos I had to grab a few packs. At 75p I couldn't leave them! They had lots I'd cute designs but I went for the ones which I thought would be the hardest for me to recreate - Houndstooth.
Its no secret that Houndstooth alongside other monochrome prints have been very popular this season so I'm looking forward to coordinating these wraps with my outfits. With a good top coat to set the wraps they can last a good week without having to reapply.


  1. So nice! I tried Jamberry nails a few weeks ago and I couldn't even make them stick! These look awesome!


    1. I usually apply a base coat and then apply the wrap when it's tacky to help it stick :) Thanks Renee!

  2. Replies
    1. I know right! Even if you mess up it's no great loss x

  3. I love this idea so much and these nail wraps look so chic. Also I have to agree that it's great to go with something foolproof rather than trying to paint on the designs. I always wonder how nail artists manage to paint the nails on their dominant hand with their non dominant hand and still have it come out looking so nice! One of life's little mysteries.

    Rae | love from berlin

    1. I agree, its just too much unnecessary time and effort. x

  4. Cool nails, can't go wrong for 75p!



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