31 March 2015

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Pinterest is a great place to find new and unique ideas. Which is where I came across this little gem of an idea.. Cookie Monster Cupcakes. I'm not gonna lie, I thought I would make an utter mess of it since my baking ventures in the past haven't been amazing, but I'm actually super happy with how these beauties have turned out!

Starting off with a simple cupcake recipe, separate evenly into your cases. Whilst baking, add some blue food colouring to a bowl of coconut. Once baked, roll some ready rolled icing into the coconut to create the head. Grab a handful of cookies and snap them in half, then gently push the halves into the icing on your cakes. Next use some round marshmallows and chocolate drops to create his eyes.

Your Cookie Monster is complete!

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