27 April 2015

Trying American Candy!

Yes, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Over in the UK a small range of American sweets in certain shops but obviously they can sometimes be a little pricey. The selection of sweets I have are from Taffy Mail which is a monthly subscription box that delivers a selection of American sweets to your door! The lovely team over at Taffy Mail have kindly offered you guys 10% off for 3 months if you enter the code 'COYOTE10' when making your purchase at http://taffymail.co.uk! These boxes come in 3 sizes and price between £7.49 - £24.99 with Free Delivery!

This is what I got in the Classic Box which is £14.99:

 Rating  Comment  
Extremely Sour. Not the most pleasant to eat, but fun to try with your friends/family.
 Wonka Shockers
 Again, very sour, but yummy none the less!
 Tootsie Pop
Nice little treat for kids. 
 Airheads Extremes
Wouldn't say they were extreme, but packed with flavour and very sugary. 
 Airheads Grape
Smells delicious, tastes bland. 
 Kool Aid
Quite bitter but could be altered depending on how much sugar you choose to add. 
 Jolly Rancher Apple
Very yummy! Lots of flavour, just be careful not to break your teeth! 
 Laffy Taffy Cherry
Not terrible, but not amazing. 
 Hersheys Krackel
Much better than Hersheys Original. Resembles Nestles Crunch. 
 Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites
Faint peanut butter flavouring which is good as a lot of peanut butter sweets can be very overpowering and sickly!
Chocolate Pop Rocks 
Not as much popping as regular pop rocks. Still yummy though.
 Vanilla Coca Cola
Available in UK. 
 Clark Bar
Favourite thing from the box! Peanut Butter again isn't overpowering, nice and crunchy! 
 Lemonade & Cherry Nerds
Don't really taste the lemonade, but cherry definitely. 

Overall I think Taffy Mail is a a great way to go if like me if you've never tried out any american sweets and are unsure of what to get. Or they would even make a great gift for a birthday! You get a wide selection in your box and save quite a bit as if bought individually in UK shops they would definitely cost more than £14.99.
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