13 May 2015

Champagne Showers

Dress - Boohoo            Belt - Misguided        Shoes - Chockers Shoes
Whenever I pick out clothes I always consider what the item is going to look like if I have my hair down. For example I think light colours work well with me as my hair is dark, so it's a nice contrast. I ordered this dress from Boohoo not too long ago and it came in either this champagne/bronze colour or black. I opted out of the black as I thought my hair would blend in too much if I chose to wear it down.
The dress is a simple style, nothing too special but is quite clearly designed for a special occasion or event. These chunky nude and white heels from Chocker Shoes are a great colour match to the dress. To pull in my waist a bit more and give a bit more shape to the dress I added a white bow belt which ties in the white from my nails and shoes.
This dress is great for an event like a concert. Skater dresses are a simple concept but with the added detailing of the sequins and open back it makes it a real stand out piece in your wardrobe and can be accessorised so many different ways!
I hope these photos did the outfit justice, the wind was making it difficult to get some good shots, so apologies for the quality downgrade!
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