25 June 2015

Guardians Of The Forest

This year saw the arrival of a LUSH store on Oxford St. Alongside that came a handful of exclusive products to the store. One of those being Guardians Of The Forest which is bath bomb. Described as a 'mystical oakmoss and cypress forest lagoon', this bath bomb is perfect for those who prefer more earth toned scents.

The Oakmoss and Cypress Oil, which are two key ingredients work well together in creating a gentle yet defined scent which is sure to appeal to any nature lovers. The addition of rosewood adds a subtle woody spice to the mix and really complements the evergreen scent of the Oakmoss. Not only will your bath smell wonderful, but your water will change to this lovely seagreen colour. Initially the bath bomb fizzes up and creates a light green foam which is great for moisturising the skin. Then bursts of yellow will shoot out alongside a small amount of silver glitter, creating this gorgeous colour and leaving a slight lustre to your water.

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