27 September 2016

Oversized Jumper and Thigh High Boots.

Thigh High Boots are everywhere lately which isn't surprising as the colder months roll around. The weather is still pretty unpredictable in the UK, one minute it's sunny and you seem to blink and then it's raining. A great way to transition into Autumn/Winter is with a Dress & Boot combo!

Jacket - New Look
Dress - Missguided (out of stock)
Boots - Lasula

Khaki and Nude items are in my eyes a combo you can't go wrong with it. They are two colours that I think suit everyone! This Nude jumper dress from Missguided is perfect for this time of year and this Khaki Camo Jacket from New Look around the waist just adds something a bit more edgy to the look, and comes in pretty handy if it gets chilly.Throw on your boots, grab your bag and you're good to go! This is one of my favourite looks, its effortless, yet chic and stylish.

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