18 November 2016

DE'LANCI Pro Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set

One of the things I always love to receive at Christmas is a new set of makeup brushes. I often don't find myself treating myself to a fresh set of brushes the way I do with makeup, unless my brushes are falling apart. Something I do notice when looking for a set of brushes is that it's hard to find a set that's first of all decently priced, and also has a good range of brushes. A lot of times I've put down a set because they either have too many face brushes and not enough smaller brushes, or vice versa. I think I've found a solution; The DE'LANCI Luxury 8 Piece Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set.

As the name suggest, this set contains 8 stunning rose gold makeup brushes that each come individually wrapped in this beautiful purple box lined with yellow satin. The brushes included are:

- Angled Contour Brush
- Powder Brush
- Flat Contour Brush
- Foundation Brush
- Tapered Highlighter Brush
- Angled Brow Brush
- Concealer Brush
- Eye Shadow Brush

Now obviously you can use these brushes however you please, for example I would use the Flat Contour Brush for Blush and the Concealer Brush for Packing on Eyeshadow. So you get a pretty good range in the set with a brush to cover any part of your makeup. Not to mention how gorgeous the brushes themselves are. I'm always a sucker for some rose gold so these are fantastic for me. I also really love the handles of these brushes as they have small oval dents in them where you can grip them. This makes for a steadier hand which is great when doing something delicate like eyeshadow where there's no room for error! One thing I was particularly worried about was if they shed easily as I've often found this to be the case with cheaper brush sets. However I was pleasantly surprised that this did not happen with these ones and not only that but they are extremely soft!

You can purchase this brush set for £12.95 on Amazon - HERE.
*post contains PR sample
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