26 November 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro HD Cream Contour Kit

In my opinion Makeup Revolution is one of the best affordable drugstore brands. The quality of their products is insanely good, not to mention their modest prices with most of their palettes being priced at under £10! 
The Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro HD Cream Contour Kit is something I recently just picked up and I've fallen head over heels for it very quickly!

The Kit comes in three shade ranges; Fair, Light Medium or Medium Dark. I opted for the Light Medium kit. The palette contains 8 pans; 6 contour colours and 2 highlighting colours. The first thing I noticed about this palette is that the majority of the contour shades are cool toned. The top right shade is the only colour I would say is more on the warmer side of the spectrum. If you're pale this is great news for you as it means the shades do give that true contour effect on your face and not the ultra bronzed/orange look that a lot of contour kits .give. 
The formula of these can be a little off putting at first as they are a little stiff on first use, but I actually prefer this. The thicker formula actually means you only pick up small amounts on your brush, which prevents you from picking up too much and being left with excess product on your face that can't be blended! Saying that, it is very easily built up too if you find you do want to go heavier with your application.

This has quickly become my new essential for contouring. Obviously you're highly unlikely to use all the colours on a day to day basis, but even using half of them is a bargain for £10! Plus it's nice to have the option of being able to use the palette to it's full potential maybe on more of a going out glam look.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro HD Cream Contour is available at Superdrug - HERE.
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