12 February 2017

Grunge Inspo From PLT

It's no secret that basically every clothing brand has now hopped on the grunge trend, and I'm totally okay with that! One of my favourite stores to get more edgy pieces... scrap that, one of my favourite shops in general (seriously, my wardrobe is 99% from them), is 'Pretty Little Thing'. So here are three amazing 'Grunge' Styled dresses from PLT!

Pretty Little Thing Good at Bad Decisions Dress
Pretty Little Thing Good at Bad Decisions Dress

Starting with the best of the bunch, my personal favourite, this 'simple' tee dress. I say 'simple' because the front is plain, with some added roses to the sleeves, but if you turn around, BAM, that's where the party is at. I can't stress how much I love this. It's one of my favourite clothing pieces ever!

Pretty Little Thing Live & Love Choker Dress

Next up, a choker style tee dress. This one I was a little unsure of because usually the choker bit is extra baggy on me, but this one wasn't! Again, the design is stunning! The eagle, the colours, everything is beautiful! The pink detailing is great if you want something edgy but still quite girly and feminine.

Pretty Little Thing PLT Jumper Dress

And finally, what I like to call my 'lazy day' outfit. This one is more of a jumper dress, hence why I call it my lazy day outfit because it looks great just thrown on with some boots. Down the sleeves it reads 'Pretty Little Thing' as well as the PLT in the centre.

All are available from Pretty Little Thing for £15 HERE:

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