23 February 2017

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette

I often find myself browsing through Debenhams site and looking through the latest eyeshadow palettes to hit the counters. One collection that has particularly caught my eye is from Too Faced.
The Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection is blowing up in the beauty world right now. Too Faced absolutely kill it with their releases, I mean come on, name another brand that has had a chocolate, peanut butter, and peach eyeshadow palettes! I recently got my hands on the 'Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette' from the collection, and can definitely see why everyone loves it so much.

The cute tin packaging equipped with a mirror is great for travelling. But the best feature of this palette, has to be the sweet peach scent! Yep, that's right. The shadows smell like peaches!
 The palette consists of 18 shades both matte and shimmer. As expected, you can find an array of peach and coral shades, alongside some bronze shades and a few pops of deeper purple colours. I love the overall range of shades in this palette, they're great for creating various soft everyday looks, but also has the potential for some more bold and daring looks. 

Now let's take a look at the shades individually. The first row contains only two matte shades; 'White Peach' which is a great all over lid base, or a natural highlight under the brow. The second matte shade is the far right shade 'Charmed, I'm Sure'. From here on, the rest of the row are all shimmer shades. My favourite shimmer shades from this row are the pink shade 'Just Peachy' and the olive shade 'Bless Her Heart'. I think both of these colours are very unique and look stunning on the lid.

The second row also contains two mattes; 'Candied Peach'. Even though it's matte, it contains the tiniest amount of silver glitter flecks, which to be honest are virtually invisible once applied. The second being the purple shade 'Delectable', which to be honest I don't love. I find it to be a little too dry and patchy. Nevertheless, it is still a gorgeous true peach shade. The shimmers from this row in my opinion, are the best quality from the whole palette. 'Bellini', which is the 4th shade in, is a stunning rosey shade and my most worn of the palette. 'Nectar' is also worth mentioning. The shimmer is very subtle, but the creamy yellow undertones make it a unique shade in my collections.

The final row is made up mainly of matte shades with only two shimmers. Just like the previous rows, the shimmers are amazing quality. Actually, the mattes in this row are great two. Particularly the two orangey brown shades which are great everyday colours! The only shade I have an issue with is the pale pink shade 'Georgia' which lacks in pigmentation slightly.

Although this palette has a couple of small flaws, it still wouldn't stop me repurchasing it again. The shades are beautiful and I can see myself using this on the daily.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette is available for £39 from Debenhams here.

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