12 March 2017

Little Shop of Horrors @ Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Little Shop of Horrors DVD

Fact of the day: My favourite movie is Little Shop of Horrors. From having your heart captured by the loveable Rick Moranis, to being utterly creeped out by the dentist from hell, and not to mention a blood thirsty plant, this movie is truly a rollercoaster of nonsense, and I love it. So I was thrilled to be invited to the Tyne Theatre & Opera House to catch their performance of my favourite musical! I've never actually been to the Tyne Theatre before, to be honest, I wasn't even aware of the variety of shows that were held there until I saw the listing on 'What's on North East'.

The show kicked off at 7.30pm and already I was impressed by the beautiful voices of the girls of Skid Row. For a smaller venue, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the set and props. The set of Mr.Mushnik's shop was incredible, not to mention how well the various growth stages of Audrey ll were captured. Two characters that for me, really stood out with their performances were Seymour played by Richard Delroy, and Orin Scrivello played by Joshua Raven. Both managed to bring notable characteristics and mannersims that the originals had to the stage. The classic songs from both the broadway musical and movie were very enjoyable to watch with great choreography and some incredible voices. One of my favourite performances of the night was 'Somewhere that's Green' by Amy Chapman playing Audrey.

Little Shop of Horrors Tyne Theatre

From start to finish I loved the whole show. Even when there were a few missed queues, or prop mishaps, the cast powered through in a professional manner. Tickets started at only £8 and to be honest, it's up there with some of the more pricey musicals I've seen.

For more info on upcoming events you can visit www.whatsonnortheast.com

*Post in collaboration with What's on North East. Complimentary tickets were provided by Tyne Theatre & Opera House


  1. Ive always wanted to see Little Shop of Horrors, seems like a great show!!! Xox

  2. Never heard of this film! Need to check it out :D x


  3. Oh I watched this movie when I was a little girl. It's so good. I need to re watch it again soon. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  4. Aaah I love little shop of horror. I've never seen it live but it's on my list right next to Wicked.

  5. I love this musical! Must see if again if it comes down my way. I love the songs and the standard of singing is amazing :) great post x

  6. Never heard of this film before but that is really good pricing - will defo look into it and check it out!

    Jessica | growchangeaccept

  7. It sounds like you had a great time! I love going to watch musicals at the theatre and I can't believe how cheap the tickets were!
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk

  8. I've never heard of this but I love nonsense sort of films so I might have to dabble! The ticket prices for the musical are super affordable that no one can even bat an eyelid at it. These days that's basically the same as a cinema ticket and I'd much rather pay that price to see a musical than projected films. Great post!

    Ashley x

  9. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and the show. I've not herd of this before but your post has got me wanting to check it out for myself now :).

    Ellie Xx | www.make-it-up.co.uk

  10. I've never heard of this film or show but I will have to check it out! Great post x

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Sometimes things happen during a live show but as long as they keep going with things it's great! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  12. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself and the show. I've not herd of this before but your post has got me wanting to check it out for myself now :).

    Ellie Xx | www.make-it-up.co.uk

  13. Wow this sounds like a lot of fun for just £8! I don't go to the theatre nearly enough but I really need to start! So glad that you enjoyed yourself, it's always good when the cast can recover from minor things goingrg wrong hehe!

    Abbey 💓 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  14. sounds like you had a fab time!

    Love, Melissa x

  15. I saw this years ago! Would love to see it again!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  16. This is definitely on my list of musicals I want to see in the theatre. Lovely post! 🙂

    www.scarielsgrotto.com 🖤

  17. Looks amazing, glad you enjoyed yourself! I'd like to see it one day!

    Lizzie x

  18. I love this show! So glad you enjoyed it!
    Sam xox

  19. I've never seen this! Glad you enjoyed it, i love visiting the theatre.
    Emily-May x


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