19 April 2017

Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette Review & Swatches

Other than liquid lipsticks, I didn't own any other Jeffree Star products. His first eyeshadow palette didn't really appeal to me, and I just haven't managed to get around to purchasing his highlighters. However, I couldn't pass up on his latest palette release; The Androgyny Palette.

This palette has a mixture of both metallic and matte shades in some very unusual colours. This is definitely not the palette for you if you like to play it safe with your colour choices! The first row is definitely the more neutral of the two, with a mix of nude, yellow and brown tones. Hands down, the best shade in this row is 'Frosting'. I am 100% going to hit pan on this shade first as not only does it make a great shimmer shade on the lid, but a great inner corner highlight! Another stand out shade is Charm as I don't own another shadow like it!

The second row is where I run into a few issues. In the pans, all the shades look stunning, even swatched, they're not bad. However, a few of them are very patchy when you take a brush to them and attempt to blend! Fetish and Swallow are the two I have the most difficulty with. That being said, I do love the shades Androgyny and Military, maybe because they're more muted so go on softer, and not as harsh.
Overall I have mixed feelings about this palette. There are some great shades, particularly the ones in the top row, but I'm a little disappointed at how the bolder colours blend out.


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