21 June 2017

How To Achieve A Perfect Summer Tan With Zhuzh!

It's that time of year where we all want that flawless, long lasting tan in time for Summer. For the past couple of weeks I've been testing out some new products from the brand Zhuzh! which is stocked at Ideal World, a shopping channel that stocks everything from beauty products, to homeware. So let's get into the products...

Zhuzh The Tan Accelerator
This is by far my favourite product from the range. Not only is it's aim to accelerate your tan, but it also stimulates melanin levels to enhance your skin's natural colour. Yes, you heard that right. The Tan Accelerator contains Tyrosine, which is an amino acid that is a precursor to melanin (our natural skin pigment responsible for tanning).  Simply spray a light mist over the skin before and during tanning to give you a healthy glow. 

Zhuzh The Tan Lock & Saver
The Tan Lock & Saver was another product I was very intrigued to try. One of the biggest annoyances when tanning, is trying to maintain it. Whether that be a natural tan fading, or a sunless tan looking patchy and not very flawless anymore. This product aims to fix that. It is a fine oil that locks in moisture, intensifying your tan, and giving you a sensual sheen. You can actually even use this in your hair as a deep moisturising hair treatment! I like to apply this to particularly dry areas, or areas where my tan seems to go patchy first such as knees, wrists, elbows etc.

Zhuzh The Best Of Both Tans
The Best Of Both Tans is a Gradual Self Tan combined with the Tan Accelerator. I'm not normally a fan of gradual self tans, but I've actually really been getting on good with this one! Just like the Tan Accelerator, this product enhances your natural skin pigments, but also provides a gradual tan. This product would be great for those who don't tan very easily so need a little dose of colour to get the ball rolling. Or maybe if you are new to tanning and don't want to jump straight in with an instant tan.

Zhuzh Cool Spritz
Now this spray is an absolute must have for summer. The Cool Spritz is packed with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to refresh and calm the skin on extra hot days. Pop this in your fridge, or just straight into your bag on days where you're exposed to the sun for a long period of time. You can use this on sunburnt skin to soothe the areas, or just as a refreshing moisturiser to cool you down throughout the day.

You can find the full range of Zhuzh! products here - Ideal World.

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