09 July 2017

The Cutest Accessories From Skinnydip London

Skinnydip London Wishlist

This week has been pretty hectic to say the least. Yesterday was my 22nd birthday (yay for getting older..) and I originally planned to have a little break and not post today. But I was scrolling through SkinnyDip London and thought I'd whip up a quick little wishlist type post. It's better than nothing, right?

Normally I'm a sucked for Skinnydip's phonecases, but lately they've released some other amazing accessories such as bags etc. Honestly their bags are so quirky and cute, I would happily take them all! In May I purchased their peach luggage accessories for my trip to Salou and Barcelona. I'm planning another trip in September and it's taking everything in me not to buy more sassy luggage accessories!

What's your favourite item from my wishlist?


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