15 October 2017

Being Bold This Autumn/Winter

Something I really love to incorporate into my wardrobe is prints. But during the colder months, I've noticed the printed garments seem to fade away and you'll see more plainer looking pieces. Which is fine, but how do you make a more simple looking outfit, look less plain and boring?

For me, the answer is bold block colours, and 'out there' accessories. This jumper from Boohoo is a prime example. On it's own it doesn't look much but knowing what to pair it with can really elevate the outfit. Leather trousers, skirts etc are making a comeback. Even vinyl seems to be a thing now, which does look very edgy and cool, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that quite yet..

Like I said, on it's own the jumper doesn't look like much as it's a basic oversized, slouchy jumper which I do love. But some throw on some blingy accessories, a statement bag and some printed boots and it becomes a very different look. I really love the contrast of the simple, plain colours of the clothes with the bold print of the boots!

What are your favourite prints and colours to pair together?

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T

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