04 November 2017

The Blog Props You Need to Up Your Photography Game

Photography is one of those skills I'm always looking to improve when it comes to my blog. Obviously a good camera is an essential! Personally, I never wanted a large bulky DSLR so opted for a compact camera instead. There are various models on the market but if you're looking for the best compact camera, Panasonic have recently released some pretty impressive digital cameras that are perfect for on the go!

When I'm not using my camera, I'm using my iPhone 7 plus. It all just depends on what type of shot you're looking for e.g a close up, flatlay etc. I flick between the two regularly.

One thing that really changes up the feel of a photo is the use of props. So, what props do you need, and what do you use them for?

Starting with the most basic aspect of any photo is your background. Now obviously you can use a plain white background, but adding more textures, patterns and layers can drastically improve the overall vibe of your photo. 

I often use patterned bedsheets, a fluffy rug from IKEA and a third layer for a pop of colour. This is usually a blanket, scarf or jumper, and doesn't take up a lot of the shot. You could also use coloured card, or wrapping paper as a great background.

IKEA - White Fur Rug

E X A M P L E S :

A main layer is basically something in which you can prop things on top of. In most of my flatlay images I use a little white tray from Home Bargains which only cost £3.

Other suggestions are wire baskets, a jewellery dish, giftboxes, magazines and notebooks, or you could even use your laptop.

E X A M P L E S :

You can never go wrong with trinkets and other small items. Honestly, pretty much everything and anything can look great in a shot, especially to create a more 'lifestyle' look to your photo.

Candles, Mugs, Plants, Jewellery, Fake Flowers, Vases.. The list is truly endless! Obviously don't completely clutter up your shot, pick a few items that tie in with the image and it's colours.

IKEA - Glass Vase
IKEA - Fake Flowers

E  X A M P L E S :

So, you've picked your props, but what about those little spaces where it just looks like something's missing? Like I said previously, you don't want to clutter your shot with lots of bulky items. Instead, make use of other things around the house.

Leaves, Petals, Rings, Fairylights, Paperclips, Confetti, Ribbon.. Whatever you can get your hands on and is pretty small, try and make use of. Again, just make sure not to over do it, or add completely irrelevant things.

That's pretty much it! It's not so much what you use that I find important, it's how you use them. I like to think of my photo in layers. Build up each layer by adding a couple of things at a time, until you get the desired look!  

What are your favourite props to use in your photos?

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*This post was in collaboration with Panasonic. All words and opinions are my own.
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