25 February 2018

Why Changing up Your Style Can Be a Good Thing

It's no secret that when it comes to fashion, we tend to find what works and roll with it. I know for a fact I'm majorly guilty of this. When we browse through our local stores, our eyes skim past anything deemed as 'not me', and head straight for the pieces that are comfortable, and we know will look good on us. And there is nothing wrong with that, to an extent.

But we should embrace change! Think back five years or so a go, did you dress the same way you do now? The chances are you didn't, because you and your style have evolved. I know personally, I would never wear some of the clothes I did five years ago, and that's okay. It doesn't mean I now cringe or hate what I wore (I mean let's be honest, some trends were pretty horrific), because at that point in my life, that's what I liked and what I felt represented my style.

A lot of people hate trends, for the fear of 'following the crowd', but sometimes the following the crowd mentality, is a step forward for some. I mean think back to last summer, culottes were something I've always thought looked cool, but would never have had the guts to wear them. Then fast forward, and low and behold culottes are in and everyone's styling them up. And I loved this. The fact everyone was wearing them and they were now 'trendy', meant I wasn't afraid to try them. I didn't fear standing out from the crowd because the crowd loved them!

Black Faux Fur Coat (Similar)
Pink Ribbed Bodysuit (Out of Stock)
Black Corduroy Skirt
Black Sunglasses - Primark
Pink Suede Heeled Boots

My point is, don't be afraid to experiment. Of course we're all going to have our go to styles, I mean there's no way I can see myself not wearing as many black clothes as possible. But next time, when you're browsing your local Primark, pick up something a little bit out of your comfort zone? If you don't like it, that's fine, no loss here. But if you do, not only have you expanded your choices, but the confidence boost you'll get from potentially finding something new that you look amazing in, will feel incredible.

You can shop this skirt and more on Tobi's website.

What is something you would love to incorporate into your style that you've yet to try?

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  1. I love this outfit, those boots are amazing! I can't wait to switch up my wardrobe when I've got my body back x

  2. I have definitely tried to embrace change a lot more recently. I've always been one of those 'I love that but would never have the balls to wear it' and it used to frustrate the hell out of me! I've tried slowly but surely adding a few bits in here and there and now I have things In my wardrobe I wouldn't have dreamed of buying this time last year! Fab post and you look amazing too- love the pink boots!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com xx

  3. I love the coat and boots! I definitely stick to my style, but do change it up slightly now and again!

  4. I was thinking that I want to go shopping for some Spring Summer clothes and try on items that I would normally avoid because I'd think they wouldn't suit me - it's the only way that I'll know so I'm going to set aside a whole day! Great post xx


  5. As I’ve got older I’ve started to try things I wouldn’t have done in the past and I’ve been surprised at what suited me!
    Em x

  6. loveee your coat and those boots are amazing xx


  7. I absolutely love your outfit here Terri, I think embracing change and trying on clothes you wouldn't try on normally is always a good thing and I probably need to do more often! Xx

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  8. You are so right, I was weirdly thinking that I need to change up my style today so I'm taking this as a push to just go for it x

  9. I am SO in love with the pink, I need to change up how I dress, I feel like I have been in such a slump recently with my clothes, I need to switch it up :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. Your boots & your top look absolutely amazing together! Great combination. I am trying to change up my style lately, because I'm not entirely comfortable with it anymore. I was really in need of a change. Great post!

  11. I love your outfit. I’d love to put better outfits together myself. Fashion isn’t my thing.


  12. I find myself introducing a lot of pink tones into my wardrobe these days. And hello, handbag goals!!! xxx

  13. omg I look back to the clothes I wore my first year of uni and what was I thinking!! I also find it very hard to throw clothes away though as I always think they might come back into fashion aha! xx



  14. I adore the pink boots so much! You look fab xx

  15. My style has definitely changed in the past few years. I used to dress really girly but now I find myself dressing quite classic. I've been trying to reduce the items in my wardrobe to only keep the items I love!

    Sian x

  16. Terri I always love your fashion related posts as you have such incredible style! I'm really quite reserved with my fashion choices but I'm really trying to make more of an effort to be braver with my style choices! xx


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