13 May 2018

The Wardrobe Basics You Need This Summer

 1. Simple Sunglasses
Lately, it seems like everyone's competing to see who can bring out the most outrageous, and flashy sunglasses possible. With so many bright colours, and funky designs, it's hard not to resist! And whilst it is fun to have a more quirky pair in your wardrobe, I also think a more basic, everyday pair are ESSENTIAL. Not only do they go with absolutely everything and anything, but they also add a little extra to a more lowkey, and casual outfit.

2. A Good Old Slogan Tee
I seriously loooooove slogan tee's at the minute! With Gucci tee's making the rounds, you can live your best boujee life, or get something a little more sassy and fun with a funny slogan. Either way, I just think they're an easy piece that can be dressed up or down, and for that reason, everyone needs one in their life!

3. The Perfect Pair of Jeans
Even though we love to get out legs out in the warmer weather, I still think a nice summery pair of jeans is a good purchase! These days there's so many different styles and designs, you don't have to just have a plain old blue pair. Why not try something new for summer? Maybe a pastel, more summery colour? Or something with a floral design? I recently got my hands on these pink embellished jeans from IKRUSH, and have been obsessed with them!

4. An Everyday Little Bag
I'd say 99% of the bags I own are big, spacious bags, which is great for when you're going on a trip or something and want to cram in as much as possible. But I always find myself lacking a smaller, more easy to carry bag in the summer. There are days where maybe you just need your essentials, and don't really want to be carrying a rucksack around in the hot weather. This is where the little cross body bags are a life saver!

5. Cute, but Comfy Flats.
And finally, shoes! I am so guilty for buying so many pairs of impractical shoes just because they looked cute. Which then results, in my feet being all cut up and sore, which is no fun. Especially in the summer when we're all out and about enjoy the outdoors. A comfy pair of flats is a MUST! And hey, who said flat shoes weren't cool? There's so many snazzy flat sandals, and trainers out there!

 What are your summer wardrobe essentials?
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  1. Finding the perfect pair of flats is so tricky isn't it - love the ones you've picked though x

  2. Love the jeans and the flats, actually, love all of it! Great post. My summer wardrobe basics this year will consist of t-shirt sleepwear lol Only because I'm bedridden/housebound! :D Shame because I really do love those jeans soooo much! :D

  3. I've just bought some skirts that are in need of a slogan t xx

  4. I love those jeans! the colour is SO perfect! x

  5. I'm really into slogan tees at the moment! You pull off those trousers so well, they wouldn't suit me at all! x


  6. You look incredible and I love your top! Its so cute!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. I love this entire outfit! And your highlighter too!

  8. I am living for slogan tees this summer x

  9. I love slogan tees and sunnies, I always have my trusty old favourite Raybans to hand.


  10. I love the entire outfit! I've always wanted fancy sunnies but i'm always loosing them
    Em x

  11. That t-shirt looks so easy to dress up and down x

  12. Ah those jeans are absolutely everything, I love the detailing. Totally agree with sunglasses as a staple too. xx

    Kristy | www.thevioletblonde.com

  13. I definitely need to invest in some cute and comfy flats! Currently I’m still stomping around in my trusty ankle boots because I don’t have any stylish flat shoes! I’m definitely on board with the slogan tees trend too, they look fantastic and are so comfy for everyday wear too!

    Abbey ❤️

  14. I definitely need to invest in some new sunglasses; mine are either broken or ridiculously old! I'm also loving the slogan tee trend atm and I really think I need to pick some more up! xx

  15. Love the Slogan tee. You look amazing!

    Beauty & The Blouse | www.beautyandtheblouseblog.wordpress.com

  16. I love your photos and them jeans are amazing!

  17. This is such a beaut outfit choice and your are so gorg too!! Lovee those trousers, I recently bought some jeans with pearls at the bottom from river island and I'm loving them! Slogan tee's are the best, they are sooo easy to pair with lots of different outfits!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com

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