02 August 2018

Should All Bloggers Be Relatable?

In the past few months it's been a topic on everyone's lips as to whether or not bloggers are relatable anymore. Amongst the trips to the Maldives, the endless Gucci bags, and that 'affordable' moisturiser that's only £99, it's not hard to see why a lot of people think influencers are out of touch with the real world. The rise of bloggers and influencers came at a time when mass media just wasn't cutting it anymore. In a world full of Photoshopped images and over commercialised magazines, it was refreshing to see 'normal' everyday men and women talking about their lives, their recommendations and their struggles. News started to travel through word of mouth again and became no different to your friend telling you about her new favourite lipstick, or your neighbour recommending their favourite holiday destination. We trusted bloggers and influencers because it was real.

As the blogging world grew, and brands began to take notice of our voices, a lot of people have now been able to make a career out of blogging. And with that, a lot of their audiences now argue that they aren't 'relatable' anymore. Personally, I find the use of this term odd. It seems very counterproductive to follow your fave blogger, promote them, and support their journey to success, up until they succeed. Once the stats grow, the big brands show interest, and ultimately there's more money in the bloggers pockets, it seems everyone gets frustrated and labels them as 'unrelatable' now.

PJ Set from Dreamgirl at UK Lingerie.

I think it's important to remember what one person finds relatable, another will not. Just because a bloggers content does not necessarily resonate with you anymore, it does not make them completely unrelatable. There is pretty much a niche for everything and anything. That being said, it's completely fine to not connect with a certain blogger anymore and hit the unfollow button. Realistically, everyone grows and goes through changes in their life, and what you once may have enjoyed, you may not today. 


I like to place my favourite bloggers into categories, or on a kind of spectrum. At one end, the bloggers who are #relatable, the ones you sit and think 'Oh my god we could be besties', the ones who speak their mind, document their struggles and aren't afraid to rave about that £8 Primark jumper. At the other side we have the aspirational bloggers. These are the bloggers who can jet off on luxury holidays, land the big collaborations and are growing their business successfully. And of course there are many in the middle of the spectrum.

To me, both are just as important as each other. Both 'types' of bloggers inspire me in different ways, both bloggers have encouraged me to keep going and work harder when times were tough, and ultimately I enjoy both of their content. I find both just as relatable in their own ways. The 'relatable' bloggers are like my gal pals who I find myself turning to when I'm in need of a pick me up, or some life advice. However, I can also relate to the aspirational bloggers as we all want to be successful right? When I see my fave bloggers on a L'Oreal billboard or in a glossy magazine, it's heartwarming because they were once in my position, and it reminds me that anything is possible if you work hard enough!

Ultimately, you need to consume the content that works for you, and if you don't connect or enjoy someone's content anymore, unfollow them. But no one should be made to feel guilty, or labelled as 'unrelatable' because they've grown personally and professionally. 

Do you think al bloggers should be relatable? 

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  1. I definitely see it as more of a scale now too, I think the bloggers who show their journey, work super hard and show the effort and struggles they face remain relatable even with chanel handbags, but there are some who to me are so out of touch, and are really not relatable because of it!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  2. This was really interesting to read because it has been a hot topic recently. I'm not sure what triggered it but it's out there none the less.

    I personally do like my bloggers relatively, but the big bloggers are the ones that drive you to succeed. The ones who show you what can be done and that it can be done.

    It's definitely good to have that balance.

    Laura ☆ laurahasablog.co.uk

  3. I found this really interesting. I follow someone's blog because I enjoy their work, regardless of whether they are relatable or not. I take inspiration from so many different people on a number of topics.

    Sharon xx


  4. I really enjoyed reading this post, as I always find it interesting to hear other people's opinions on such a broad topic. I also completely agree with you and think that there are bloggers, who are more like your average gal pals and bloggers, who are more like your aspiration!

    Jade xx | www.simplyjadey.co.uk

  5. You’re so on point with the blogging spectrum and finding bloggers relatable but it’s all relative isn’t it! I really really enjoyed this post girl!

  6. You’re so right - the big bloggers has to start somewhere. Clearly most of them have worked hard to get where they are now so they deserve to go on the big press trips and get the goodies.
    Em x

  7. This is such an interesting read, I agree with everything you've mentioned :) I personally just prefer a blogger that has a down to earth personality, for me it doesn't matter whether they wear chanel or primark, haha! xx

    Kate | www.katelovesx.co.uk

  8. I totally agree that whether blogging about relatable and affordable highstreet buys or luxury breaks in Mykonos that I can only dream of - both types of bloggers inspire me. Thankyou for sharing!xx


  9. I think a mix of inspiring and relatable works well. Also, something that is relatable to me would not be to someone else so that's why a spectrum is important. It is like brands - there is a variety of them for different people, so bloggers should work have the same sort of spectrum. Also, you may be not relatable to someone but inspiring nonetheless and still down to earth

  10. loved reading this,a larger blogger's fashion posts on which Gucci Belt to buy won't be 'relateable' to me but then that same blogger could do a post on mental health for example which I could relate to, and vice versa. Smaller blogger might do a blog post on eating meat which I can't relate to at all. So I agree with what you are saying, I hate the whole 'unrelatable' blogger label I really do, and like you said no one should feel guilty of having a more exciting life because we all blog about our lives? It should drive us to become more successful xx http://lifeofshar.co.uk/

  11. Loved this! I've seen a lot of talking about relatable bloggers recently, and I agree that there's 2 different kings of bloggers: relatable and aspirational. Great post (And LOVE the pyjamas!)

    Jas xx

  12. Firstly, gorgeous photos wow 😍 but i find that this is something talked about a lot recently, i think people have different perceptions of what 'relatable' is! I agree with everything said!

  13. Interesting post. I have mixed views as a travel blogger. On one hand I see larger bloggers/influencers who kind of seem on a different world and slightly unrelatable. On the other hand I appreciate their hard work and they demonstrate an end goal I’d like to achieve! Tricky one!

  14. What a great post. I completely agree with the point you made about the blogging spectrum. I think it's important to follow a range of bloggers as I think all bloggers have something really special to offer to the blogging community. We all have different experiences and insights to share whether we've been blogging for 6 months or 6 years and I think that's really important to remember.

  15. I don't think a blogger should be relatable to have me give a visit. Honestly, I'm not really into fashion or makeup but I don't mind reading about it and learning what's out there! I want to be respectful whether the topics are in my bucket of interest or not. YES on being able to relate to aspirational bloggers - we want to grow too! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :).

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  16. I don't think bloggers need to necessarily be relatable to everyone all the time. I think it depends on different situations. Also I think it depends on their target market.

  17. See I've never understood this argument, it's not like we can relate to every single person in our lives. And we don't have to relate to them to respect, like or connect with them so I believe its the same with bloggers! My life is quite unusual in the fact that I'm a very young person with a serious illness, I'm a woman that has more "manly" interests and likes and my fashion is quite alternative. I'm open about this online and 90% of people will not be able to relate to this but I feel like people follow me because they like me as a person and are interested in my life, content, opinions and my next steps. I love a bargain and budget beauty is something I write about a lot but if I get an opportunity to promote something expensive then I don't see anything wrong with that if I'm interested in it as I haven't promised anyone anything on my blog. If I specifically marketed myself as a budget blogger then it'd be different but it's not really anyone elses business what I post about! If they don't like it then they don't have to read it, there's plenty of other people that will! This is a great post to get you thinking.
    Alice Xx

  18. When it comes to blogging and reading blogs, I think it depends on the person. For example, my personal blogging tastes lies within think pieces such as this. I'm honestly not a fan of beauty blogs or really even travel blogs. However, there are plenty of people who are into those things even though they may not travel often or even wear makeup. So, I don't think we should be asking ourselves if bloggers should or should not be relatable. I think we should be asking if I'm creating the content that both I and my audience likes and is attracted to.

    GG | www.girlingamba.com

  19. I think having a specrum is good, and I love following with bloggers from different parts of that scale. Some bloggers do talk about things no way I could afford, but I still enjoy reading about them. I think it's more about whether you want to relate to the content you read, rather than if the blogger is creating content that relates to people, if that makes sense? As a blogger, you should be able to talk about anything you want on your blog and sometimes you can't relate as a reader and that is totally okay.

    Aycan // www.littlewhitesocks.com

  20. So true. I think we all have our own idea of what we each consider relateable but I do think that all influcencers have a right to share what they like.


  21. I don't think everyone needs to be relatable. I know I won't be to some people but then I can't please everyone just like I follow people for their work or blog not whether they shop in Zara or Gucci xx


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