21 November 2018

Why It's Important to Personalise Your Workspace

A large portion of my work days are spent sat at my laptop answering emails, typing up posts, editing photos and the usual boring admin stuff. I'm lucky in the sense that I get to work from home, so I can often work from wherever I choose. That being said, I do like to have my own office/desk space. I find sitting at a desk is a little more formal, which makes me get through my to do list so much quicker.

However, whether you work at home, or at a regular office space, one thing I think is really important is personalising our workspaces. Making your workspace feel a bit more like your own, can maximise your productivity, and minimise stress levels. It doesn't have to be anything drastic, but adding a few simple home comforts can really help your experience at work be a better one. 

Like I previously said, I work at home so I'm lucky that I can personalise my desk to any extent I want. I obviously want my desk to look cute and aesthetically pleasing, but I also don't want it look cluttered. I try to keep any items that aren't essential down to a minimum. the non essential items are things that have a special meaning, or my home comforts that make me feel the most relaxed. Something I struggle with when I'm feeling particularly stressed and anxious is not feeling in control. Making my workspace feel like my own personal area that I have full control over really helps me to rationally think and work through any work problems.

One of my favourite ways to personalise my desk is by adding a gorgeous bunch of flowers. My boyfriend recently surprised me with this bunch of yellow roses, not only does my desk now smell fresh, but there's also some sentimental value there. If your desk is more on the plain side, flowers are a great way of adding a pop of colour to brighten up a usually dull area.

One thing I've learned over the years is truly how important the right office chair can be. A lot of people prefer a comfy fabric chair, but for me I like something a bit more sturdy like a leather office chair. At the moment, I'm using a fold up chair as I don't have much room space so it comes in handy when I'm not at my desk as I can store it neatly in the corner. When I finally have the room to have a bigger office space, a leather office chair is top of my wishlist! I particularly love the ones on offer from Furniture At Work, but if leather isn't your thing, they have a great range of office chairs that would be more suited to your office needs!

How would you personalise your work space?

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