18 January 2019

7 Easy Ways to Shop and Save Money on Clothing

January can sometimes bring with it a lot of money struggle, especially with Christmas now come and gone. So it can be important to try and save our money where we can. One thing that is really easy to save money on is clothing. Very rarely now do I pay full price for my items. I've also cut back A LOT on my shopping habits, and try to only spend on items I truly love, and where necessary. Taking a few of the below steps and applying them to my life has really helped me manage my money better. So of course I was going to share them with you!

Here are 7 easy ways you save money on clothing:

1. Search for the best Deals and Coupons

This more so applies to us online shoppers, but searching online for the best offers and coupons can actually save you a hefty amount! One of my favourite sites to find great offers on clothing is LatestDeals.co.uk, especially when I'm looking to replace more casual everyday pieces that I don't really want to fork out a fortune for, such as jeans. You'll often find a great range of your favourite brands on their site who have deals, and discounts on certain items that you didn't even know about! These days I pretty much don't do any online shopping without searching for some sort of discount beforehand. And if you can't find a coupon, or code for a particular site or item, you can always try signing up for things like Topcashback, who refund you a percentage of your total!

2. Shop out of Season

One of the biggest ways I save money is buying items out of season. For example, if I for sure know I'm going on a holiday in the summer, why wait 'til the summer to buy your bikinis? The retail prices are going to be much higher in the height of summer, compared to earlier on in the year because of the demand. Another example, don't wait until it's snowing to buy yourself some jumpers and a decent coat. Purchase them when they're not in demand, it's all about the demand! Of course, this may mean you have the hunt around a bit more for certain items, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

3. Don't be afraid to DIY

Upcycling old, or broken items of clothing is a great way to save pieces you once loved and wore. Wether that's turning jeans into shorts, or dresses into tops and skirt, there are so many ways you can change up your older pieces to get more wear out of them. It's also a great way to hide any faults which would otherwise mean your item is now ruined, and has to be thrown away. Maybe you have a stain, or tear on your favourite pair of jeans? Why not cover up the stain with some stylish patching, or distress your jeans so they look like they were meant to be ripped all along? Upcycling is still all very new to me, but you can find hundreds of amazing ideas on Pinterest to save and jazz up your old favourites!

4. Buy generic basics

We're all guilty of showing off our latest designer purchases, and big label items, but does EVERY item need to be a big brand? Think about the items that get covered up, your socks, underwear, or even things like cami tops and plain tshirts that we just use for layering. No one is really going to see them. Their sole purpose is layering (usually to keep warm), not for looking good. That's not to say they can't look good, but try shopping for more generic brands when buying these items. A lot of these items can also be found in bulk when they're not bought from big brands, so you'll get more for your money. And ultimately, save your pennies for a new bag, or pair of trainers, instead of wasting it on your basics.

5. Go easy on the Trends

Now I'm not gonna lie, this one can be extremely difficult, especially when you walk into a store like Primark and they're practically forcing certain items upon you, limiting your choice. It's important to remember trends come and go.. very quickly! Think back to how many times you've looked at old photos of yourself and thought 'why did I EVER wear that?'. Well, if you continue buying into trends, it's likely you're bound to have that moment again at some point in your life. Try and only buy items that are truly your own style, and that you'll wear in years to come, not just because it's popular at the moment. Ask yourself, would you be wearing this if everyone else wasn't?

6. Live by the 'One in, One out' rule

This is definitely something I need to put into practice more often! I'm sure we've all heard of the 'One in, One out' rule, right? Well, for those of you who haven't it's pretty straight forward. For every new item of clothing you bring into your home, another item must go. It's a rule that is tough to live by, but will have a massive impact. Not only does it put a limit on your unruly spending, but it keeps your storage looking neat and tidy. Say goodbye to the days of overflowing wardrobes!

7. Sell your unwanted items

And finally, there's always selling your unwanted items. If DIY isn't really your thing, or you just have truly fallen out of love with the item, why not sell it? A lot of the time we hold back from getting rid of things because we see it as 'throwing money away'. But selling your clothes gives you that incentive to have a wardrobe clear out. Yes you're probably not going to get what you paid for it, but at least it's something! Plus, if you sold multiple items, it all adds up, and feels a little less like your money, and item is going in the rubbish.

What's your favourite way to save money when shopping?

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