08 March 2019

How to Perfect Those Instagram Fashion Shots

First of all, I feel like I need to preface this by saying I am by no means an expert in photography. Every single image of myself you see of me online (bar a few) is taken by my boyfriend. I know a lot of bloggers hire photographers for their shoots, which is fab. However as someone who is very shy and awkward in front of the camera, I just find I'm more at ease when standing and posing in front of someone I'm comfortable with. So that being said, this post is more so going to be from a bloggers point of view. How you can make yourself more at ease behind the camera (trust me it takes some practice), and tips on how you can ace your poses and shots.

Jumpsuit gifted by Mela London // Sandals gifted by iKrush

What Is Your Focal Point?

The most important thing you need to ask yourself before you even pick the camera up, is 'What is my focal point?'. Maybe you're just taking some content for Insta, or you're working on a brand collab. Either way, you need to decide how exactly you're going to capture, what you need to capture in the best way possible. So for example, if my main talking point is my shoes, sometimes I find it better to capture that 'perfect' shot by sitting down - that way my shoes can be perfectly in the shot, whilst still showing off how I've styled them. 

It's All About Those Angles

Ah angles, they can make or break a photo! In the past few months I've really started experimenting with my angles and they've totally changed up the way my shots look. This all depends on how you want your content to come across. If you're looking for that cute, 'effortless' kind of candid shot, then by all means just stick to your basic eye level angle. But if you're thinking more fashurn, then why not try asking your photographer to squat and get that lower angle. These kind of shots will make you seem more 'powerful' and the complete focus of the shot.

Hands, Hands, Hands

I cannot stress how important this point is! When I first started shooting fashion content I was internally screaming 'Ahhh what do I do with my bloody hands?!'  For some reason, it suddenly becomes very awkward to stand there with your hands by your side. Try and come up with ways your hands can be 'occupied' in the shot to make it look more natural. I usually either touch my hair, or place my hand on my hip. If you've got lots of accessories, use them! Hold your sunglasses, or make sure you're holding your bag instead of placing it on your shoulder.

Don't Be Overly Staged

At the end of the day when I'm finished shooting, and look through my camera roll, I always find my favourite shots are the ones that look the most natural, and not overly forced. By this I mean the shots where my photographer has caught me off guard and I'm just being myself. If you want your shots to look more natural, and everyday like I'd suggest not looking directly at the camera every time. Try and focus on different points around you, I always like to look down at the floor, or off to the side to change up the shots. Another tip is don't stand still! Try walking down the street, or ruffle your hands in your hair or something. Not only do these look way less forced, but if you're showing off your outfit, it gives your audience of how the materials move.

Change Up The Composition

This point is a little less about you, and more about your surroundings and everything else that's going to be in the shot. We all have that perfect image in our head that we want to capture, but sometimes it's a little tricky to make our vision 'come to life'. I usually get my boyfriend to stand in the shot, so I can see a rough idea of how the shot is going to look, and then make changes accordingly. There's so many things you can do to change up your photos! Do you need a full body shot? Try some close ups, or some wide angle shots of your outfit! Your location and background is also very important. Try and incorporate your location into your shots, sit on some steps, lean against a lamppost, colour match your outfit to a particular building, throw in some props!

Be Patient!

And finally, be extra extra patient! I think the biggest assumption when you dive into fashion content, is that it takes a few shots and boom, you've got 'the one'. Welllll, that couldn't be more wrong! There are times you're going to be hella frustrated because you just can't get it right, but it's all part of the process. There are some times that I get that perfect shot after 10 minutes, and others where I can stand there for what seems like a lifetime before I get it right. It's all trial and error, change up your poses, your composition, and your angles and you'll get there eventually!

Are they any other tips you have for taking fashion/outfit shots?

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