27 March 2019

How You Can Make This Mother's Day a Memorable One

If you know me at all, then you know I love any reason to go all out and celebrate. Whether it's birthdays, mother's day or christmas, I love trying to come up with new ideas on how me, my family and friends can spend some quality time together. Obviously, no matter what the occasion the obvious answer to that is to spoil your loved ones with some gifts. And whilst that's great, I prefer creating memories and filling the day full of fun things to do that we'll look back on and laugh about in years to come. 

Since Mother's Day is just a few days away now, I thought it'd be fitting to create a post around how I'd plan the perfect Mother's Day for my mum.

Thoughtful Gifts

If you're someone who loves buying people gifts, then why not making them a bit more thoughtful. There are so many ways you can hand-make, customise and personalise your gifts! Doing this makes that gift even more memorable, and I'm sure your mum will hold onto for years to come. If you're stuck for some ideas, here's a quick list of things you could do:

- Make a Scrapbook
- Arrange a Bouquet full of your mums favourite flowers
- DIY your own Polaroid hanging decoration
- Engraved Jewellery
- Buy her a new outfit for your day ahead
- Make a Hamper Basket

I have to say my favourite thing to do is making Hampers. I have done this so many times for my boyfriend, nana, dad - pretty much everyone! It's so easy to do and shows a lot of time and effort has gone into picking out the best items to put inside. For my mum, I would fill mine with her favourite snacks and sweets, maybe a bottle of wine, and then a selection of her favourite beauty products, more than likely some Nivea goodies.

Nivea is a brand that not just my mum, but also my nana have used for years, ever since I was little! Their products are ones that we all trust, and enjoy using and will for as long as possible. They have so many new releases lately that I know my mum hasn't tried before so I decided to pick out three of their latest products to add to her hamper.

I went for the Pearly Shine Lip Balm simply because I myself have used this since I was in school and highly rate it! It also comes in several other scents and colours which is fab. Then I opted for the Cellular Filler Anti-Age Day Cream. The main reason I went for this moisturiser is because one thing my mum and nana always taught me was to look after your skin! This particular cream has SPF 15 in it, so will protect your skin from harmful rays that will damage your cells. And then finally, the last item to go into my hamper is the Shower Silk Mousse in Rhubarb Raspberry. Again I picked this out because I use the Creme Smooth Mousse alllll the time and love it, so I couldn't resist when I saw that there are now new scents available!

Things to do:

So, you've finished the gift giving, now what? Try and think of some activities you can do to fill up the day. Obviously, try and cater this to whatever your mum likes so that she can spend all day doing her favourite things. A day of fun, and laughter is definitely going to make this Mother's Day something you're both going to remember for a long time! Here are some suggestion of things you could do together:

- A Spa or Salon Pamper Day
- The Theatre or Cinema
- A day at the Beach
- Afternoon Tea
- A meal at her favourite Restaurant
- A Shopping Trip

And relaaaaax

Once you've finished your day full of activities, the fun can continue at home. Maybe order in a takeaway and watch your mums fave movie? Or you could cook up a fancy meal! Or maybe your mums a games fanatic so you could spend the evening playing some board/card games or even some quizzes! And to end the night throw on a facemask, open a box of chocolates and enjoy a nice glass of wine!

What would you plan for the perfect Mother's Day?

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