14 May 2019

The Rise of Personalised Gifts & Why We All Love Them

As a kid we all loved receiving gifts with our names on them didn't we? Or think back to when we headed to the gift shop after a fun day out at the Zoo and searched for your names on a keyring, or a mug to take home. Sadly for me, 99% of the time, my name was nowhere to be seen (yay for having an uncommon name). Which meant, I kind of missed out on the whole fun of this growing up.
Fast forward to 2019, and the rise of personalised gifts is probably bigger than ever. Take any item in your home, and it can be customised and personalised to your desire. Now obviously, the majority of us aren't sitting in homes where every pieces of furniture has our names on them, buuut personalised items can be majorly helpful when it comes to gift giving.

If you're anything like me, you probably stress a lot come Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day etc, because you don't want to give someone you love something generic, and 'last minute'. Where I can,  I always try to think outside of the box, and tailor a gift, or hamper especially for that person. And 9 times out of 10 that will involve getting an item custom made, or personalised. 

These days, personalising items has never been easier. At one time, getting something custom made would have cost you a small fortune, but with the rise in popularity of personalised gifts, these kind of things are now more accessible and affordable as a consumer. One of my favourite websites that specialise in creating personalised gifts, no matter what the occasion is TheGiftCo. They really hit the nail of the head with what kind of items we are looking for when it comes to gifting, and the truly cater for such a large range of special occasions, you can always rely on them when it comes to finding the perfect gift, whilst still being affordable and high quality. 

But why do we love receiving personalised gifts so much?

From my own viewpoint, opening up something that you know has been especially picked out, customised and made only for you holds a lot of meaning. Whether it's from your partner, parents or friends, it holds more meaning by showing this person went to the extra effort of picking this gift out for you. 
Not only that, but anything I have ever received that has been personalised, I've held onto for years to come, and will probably always continue to do so. Why? Because it's soooo much more than a gift, it's a memory. It's a memory that is shared between you and the person you received it from. Without sounding too cheesy it's almost like a symbol of your relationship and how much you mean to one another. 

What's your favourite personalised gift you've ever received?

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  1. I absolutely love personalized gifts I find that they are more meaningful

    Candice x


  2. I agree personalised gifts are the best! You can not beat them. x

  3. I could never find anything with Siobhán on so I can relate to your frustration as a kid! I got a gorgeous personalised hairdryer from a brand around 18 months ago & I love it! xx

    Beautylymin | BeeGood Skincare Bundle Giveaway

  4. Sending a personalised gift is such a thoughtful way to let someone know you are thinking of them.

    Roxie | thebeautifulbluebird.com

  5. I think personalised gifts show you've taken the time to think about what you're giving x

  6. I think personalisation makes a gift really special :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. It’s always the thought that counts, and making it personal shows you really thought about it.

  8. I love giving and receiving personalised gifts x


  9. It shows that you've given their birthday or occasion a little bit more thought I think
    Em x

  10. I love personalised gifts too, they're so special and unique xx

  11. I'm a big fan of personalised gifts - my favourite was a Nutella jar with my name on it x

  12. Meaningful gifts are so important and get appreciated a lot more. Thank you for sharing x

  13. I love them so much they are so cute! They make such good gifts!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. I totally agree with you! I have a few little personalised gifts and whenever I look of them it always makes me think back to when I received them and reminisce a little bit...so cheesy but sure you know what I mean! haha
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

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