08 August 2019

Summer Socialising with J2O

Woohoo, Summer is here (or at least it's supposed to be)! For me Summer is all about socialising, spending time at the beach or having a barbecue with family or friends. However, more often than not after a typical summer's day I'm left looking at my bank account thinking 'HOW MUCH?!'. Shockingly, even when we ditch the booze we spend on average £40 a night on mocktails, or over priced soft drinks. So you can imagine how much this all adds up over the summer months!

Thankfully, J2O who have been an absolute favourite of mine for years (Orange & Passionfruit? Yes pls), have released their J2O Spritz range which launched back in 2015. Combining soft, and fruit flavours with a light bubbly texture, everything about J2O spritz screams refreshing! 

My number one thing to do during the summer month's is probably host a barbecue. I love getting all the family together to enjoy some good food, chilled drinks and some great music. However, the price of food alone can be a lot as we often have to purchase vegetarian/vegan options as well. Then once you had soft drinks, and booze on top of that it all starts to add up. Whether you're opting for a soft drink, or fancy making yourself a mocktail, J2O spritz has got you covered!

The two flavours I've been loving are 'Apple & Watermelon' and 'Pear & Raspberry'. Like I previously mentioned, you can enjoy these as a soft drink straight from the bottle, or pour them into a glass, add some ice and fresh juice to conjure up your very own mocktail. I personally love sipping on these as an alternative when I don't fancy drinking alcohol, or if we know we're going to be driving that night. They're full of flavour, and extra refreshing without breaking the bank! And don't worry about calories or sugar because guess what, they're low in both!

You can find J2O Spritz in most major supermarkets as well as pubs. 
Be sure to check out their 'Mocktail Madness' campaign here.

Which flavour would you most like to try?

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'AD - This post is in collaboration with J2O.  All words and opinions are my own. Please refer to my Disclaimer page for more detail.
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