16 September 2019

What I've Been Loving Throughout August

It's September already?! How quick does time go? It's actually midway through the month and I'm only just posting my monthly favourites now.. opps! Better late than never eh? Anyways, I've been loving some great affordable products this month which I can see myself using for months and months to come which is always a big bonus! Here's what I've been loving throughout August:

beauty products

The Body Shop Coffee Intense Face Mask

beauty products

Kicking things off with a new favourite of mine from The Body Shop which is their Nicaragun Coffee Intense Awakening Mask. My all time fave TBS face mask will always be the Himalayan Charcoal mask, but this definitley comes in at a close second! Enriched with a powerful blend of coffee beans, this mask aims to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells, and reduces any signs of fatigue. Every time I use this I am shocked at how great my skin looks! It leaves my face looking more fresh, and awake by evening out my skin tone. And it has the most intensely yummy coffee scent! 

Skinny Tan Gradual Tan Daily Moisturiser

beauty products

Now we all know how much I love my fake tan, but one thing I've never delved into too much was facial tans. Back in the day, all I used to do was apply my regular fake tan to my face - bad idea! The skin on our face is a lot different to that on our body. Meaning the results were patchy, uneven tan and blocked pores causing me to breakout! I've now started using the SkinnyTan Gradual Daily Moisturiser in the shade Medium, and it has changed my life! I apply a small amount of this after I've cleansed and exfoliated for a nice healthy looking glow that gradually builds throughout the day. The thing I love most about this is that doesn't block your pores, and it even contains SPF6 so will protect your skin throughout the day!

Nivea Body Moisturising Mousse

beauty products

Next up is a new release from Nivea - their Body Moisturising Mousses! I absolutely LOVE their Shower Foam/Mousses so was super excited to try this! They come in several scents, but the one I've been loving is in the scent Fresh Cucumber & Matcha Tea which just smells so fresh and clean, and leaves me feeling more awake and ready for the day ahead! My favourite thing about these Body Mousses's though has to be how quickly they sink into the skin! No more waiting around for your moisturiser to dry as these absorb very quickly and aren't sticky or tacky so need to worry about transfer to your clothes! I find these are perfect for those mornings where you're in a bit of a rush, you need to hop in and out the shower, moisturise and go! 

Sensationail Gel Starter Kit

beauty products

Something I really didn't expect to love as much as I do is the Sensationail Get Starter Kit. I've tried similar products in the past and they've just not really worked out for me before, but this one is fantastic! In this kit you'll find all you'll need to create the perfect gel manicure that can last up to 2 weeks! The kit contains a gel cleanser, gel primer, colour gel polish, gel base coat & top coat, lint wipes, nail file, manicure stick, as well as the LED lamp. My kit is in the shade Scarlet red - perfect for autumn! I couldn't recommend this kit enough, it's so easy to use and the results are amazing! You can get 10 complete manicures from this kit which works out a bargain compared to what you'd pay at the salon! 

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick

beauty products

And finally we have an old favourite of mine - the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick! Now I actually own one shade from this line which is Kim K.W, but I'm dying to get my hands on some more! I'm a nude lipstick kinda gal through and through, so Kim K.W is absolutely perfect for me. When I have fake tan on,  it can be a little bit light, however I normally don't wear it completely on it's own anyway. I usually apply a slightly darker lip liner to my lips, and then top it off with Kim K.W in the centre for a more fuller, pouty looking lip in true Kim style!

What products were you loving throughout August?

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