18 November 2019

How I'm Mixing Fashion with Comfort This Winter

As I mentioned in my previous post - '25 of the Cosiest Winter Knits..', I do struggle with styling my outfits in order to obtain that 'effortlessly cool' look during the Autumn/Winter. Now in that post, I spoke all about how Knitwear is pretty much your best friend in the colder months. However, I thought I'd delve a little bit more into how I take certain pieces of clothing and style them up, whilst ultimately being the cosiest, and warm I can be.


Now let's be honest we all love a bit of loungewear allll year round. But for me, especially when I'm having a more casual day, loungewear makes the cosiest winter outfit. They're great for sitting in front of the fire and watching Netflix, but they can also be a very stylish option for cold winter days. With so many amazing loungewear sets on the market now, you can totally rock the hoodie and joggers look on your morning commute and still look fantastic. I have to admit I own far too many loungewear sets, and have even got my boyfriend hooked on mixing and matching. We always find some great jogging bottoms and sets on JYO. I usually opt for the more neutral sets as I find them easier to style. But if you want to be loud and proud, you can also find some bold colours, slogans and designs on their site too. 

Midi Skirts

This is definitley new territory for me and something I'm still getting the hang of and the confidence to wear. If you know me at all, you know that I'm more of a mini skirt girl which let's be honest aren't great at this time of year unless you want to wear tights every day. So, opting for a midi skirt instead is a great way to look fab and stay super warm - especially if you opt for a ribbed knit skirt! I've been personally loving a satin midi to pair with a cosy knit jumper and some chunky trainers or boots. There's so many different ways you could style midi skirts which is what makes them amazing! It's also a great way to add some pattern into your outfit, whether it be leopard print, snake print etc!


Can we all agree we are totally IN LOVE with trousers this year? There's just something so stylish about a tailored trouser! Now don't get me wrong, I still love wearing my ripped jeans. But to me, denim is often seen as a more summery fabric. Not only that but when I think of winter fashion, I think of oversized, and not form fitting - which skinny jeans don't exactly appear to be. Just like the midi skirts, picking a pair of cigarette trousers and pairing them with trainers/boots and a chunky knit is a sure fire way to be cosy and super stylish. I usually prefer trousers with a thick belt to cinch me in and give me a little bit of figure, as well as maybe a checkered print if I want to go all out! 

Longline Coats

And last but by no means least we have the classic, longline coat. Autumn and Winter is aaaaalll about the layering and creating different textures and dimension to your outfit. A longline coat for me is honestly the must have piece in your wardrobe. They just work for every outfit! Take a standard camel coat, and any of the outfit options above and they look great! For a more relaxed vibe with loungewear and trainers, to drinks with the girls with a midi skirt and boots. I truly believe the addition of a good old camel coat can totally complete your outfit.

Which of the above outfits would you pick for a Winters day?

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