04 December 2019

Christmas Gift Guide: The Fragrance Edit

Fragrances are an easy option when it comes to Christmas gifting- we all love them! However with so many brands and scents on the market these days it can be very overwhelming when it comes to making your choice. And that's where hopefully this gift guide will come in handy! I've not only included some picks from brands we all know and love, but some new favourites of mine that hopefully you'll fall in love with! Here's my Christmas Gift Guide: The Fragrance Edit:

Mugler Angel Eau de Toilette

We all know how much of a huge fan I am of the Mugler Fragrances so it was only right I share my current favourite with you  - Angel Eau de Toilette. The iconic Angel scent has now been revisited and launched in an Eau de Toilette. This scent is light, fresh and delicious, making it your perfect everyday accessory. This fragrance almost has three elements to it, the first being the luminous side with a sparkling mix of mandarin and fresh peony. Next is the ultra gourmand side of the fragrance with notes of praline and apple for the more indulgent. And finally you can find hints of patchouli for sensuality and warmth. Everything about this fragrance is incredible, even down to the intricate design of the bottle!

Kat Von D Big Saintly Lashes Gift Set

It feels like forever ago that I picked up my very first Kat Von D product. And now she not only has a whole range of makeup products, but she also recently launched her own perfume line - 'Saint & Sinner' which I've been dying to get my hands on! Well, if you're a fan of her cosmetics and want to give her fragrances a try the Kat Von D Big Saintly Lashes Gift Set is a must have! Not only do you get a 50ml bottle of the Saint fragrance, but you also get a full size 'Go Big or Go Home' mascara too. After trying out the Saint fragrance I have to say it's amazing! With base notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood, complimented by top notes of Mirabelle Plum and Madarin it's a real 'sweet as a saint' scent! This would make a great gift for any Kat Von D fans who want to try out one of her fragrances whilst still getting a little makeup treat.

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gift Set

For the ladies who are big and bold, Viva La Juicy was made for them! In this gorgeous signature pink velvet gift set you'll find a 50ml bottle of Viva La Juicy as well as a 10ml travel size, and a matching Viva La Juicy Body Souffle. Everything about this scent is bright, fruity fun and feminine! With base notes of Amber, Vanilla and Praline and top notes of Honeysuckle, Wild Berries and Mandarin it is the ultimate sweet, fresh and let's not forget juicy scent that will leave you smelling delicious all day long! Can we also just take a minute to appreciate how fantastic the bottle looks?! 

Elie Saab Le Parfum Royal Gift Set

Elie Saab is a brand I've only just recently come across, buy I'm already obsessed! The Elie Saab Le Parfum Royal Gift Set is made up of a 50ml bottle of the Le Parfum Royal fragrance, a matching Body Lotion, and a matching Shower Gel. If you're not familiar with the Le Parfum Royal fragrance it's well, fit for royalty! It's modern, powerful and ultra feminine with two facets of flowers - Turkish Rose and Bulgarian Rose. Other notes include Mandarin, Lebanese Neroli, Amber and Patchouli, making this fragrance truly majestic for a modern day queen.

Floral Street London Poppy Eau De Parfum

Floral Street is a British brand that brings a new outlook to the world of fragrance by specialising in tailoring fragrances and scents to your mood, personality and everything else that makes you, you! The fragrance that resinated with me the most is London Poppy which is described as an urban mood lifter. Most suited for the focused, dynamic and energetic, this fragrance will awaken your senses. With blends of Sicilian Lemon, Florida Orange and Marine Accord, this scent is energising, fresh and powerful. It's worth mentioning too that at Floral Street, all packaging is made up of 100% bio degradable materials. Floral Street fragrances are a great option for Christmas time as they really give you the freedom to hand pick your scent, making it the perfect Christmas gift.

Yardley English Rose Eau De Toilette Gift Set

And finally we have the Yardley English Rose Gift Set which contains a 125ml Eu De Toilette and a gorgeous floral compact mirror to go alongside it. The English Rose Gift fragrance is light and refreshing with sparkling citrus, rose bud, magnolia and violet to create the perfect floral and feminine scent. However you'll also find hints of patchouli and musks to add a more velvetty base note to the scent. This is the perfect fragrance to throw in your handbag (along with the compact mirror) and go! It's also super super affordable so is a perfect gift to pick up for those with a tighter budget. 

And that wraps up my fragrance gift guide for 2019! There's so many fantastic new and upcoming brands this year I could have honestly made this list twice as long. I think shopping around and trying something new is definitley the way to go. But of course, you can still enjoy some of your old favourites! 

Which fragrance would you most like to try?

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